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    ConceptArt.Org books and promotional works

    We are in talks with a company overseas to get showcase books made in the near future, which will go a long way in supporting the community here.

    These titles include projects like:

    ConceptArt.Org HardCover - The Best of ConceptArt.Org

    There has been some discussion of doing books and the like and I have pulled the thread until the distribution and publishing agreements are in place. Once that is done, we will be announcing how the entry process will work.

    We see it being done in similar fashion as the Spectrum books are done now. We are all excited about the idea and have been in talks since December to get it done. I will be sure to keep you all informed.


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    fantastic idea!! but i wonder, in terms of the COW books etc...would individual members need express consent for their works? and would that also require some of the piccies to be resubmitted in higher quality for printing?
    just some quickish thoughts, but again, really fantastic concept, cant wait to see how it all pans out. I'll dust off a spot in my bookshelves right now

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    What areas of this book could benefit the non / soon to be professionals? Maybe the C.O.W.? Because I honestly can't see myself purchasing a book with straight (see top thumbnail list) simply because of their already published books and wide publicity of their work that isn't too hard to come by....

    (from a consumers statement *What will make this book different from other spectrum publications?*

    Will there be lessons or examples within the book? Artistic processes for some of the pieces?

    May I dare tread into dangerous concept god territory in the most humble manner and make a statement of categories to show the true talent of concept art from all areas and skills? Ex. Best 3D, 2D, storyboards, characters, environments, originalities, Best of C.O.W. (which was already mentioned) Best Graduate...Undergraduate...Highschool / Amateur and of course even though I state much alienated possibilities...Proffessionals should carry the bulk of the book to amaze and wonder as always? Is the layout pretty much set in stone or are areas of interest and topic ideas still up for debate?
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    So this will replace the previous effort by Njoo? Or is this the same thing?

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    Well apparently there seems to be some issue since Jason seem to be planning some official CA book with some publisher so what I was doing had to be place on hold as there was conflict -_- However, I plan for a monster book is still there, but need to probably plan how to proceed differently, it was never intended to be an official CA book, but just a monster book I thought would be cool. I'd put this matter on hold while I see what's happening I guess, thanks for everyone that responded and was helping me, as of now I respect Jason's call and it's probably not appropriate to try to officially try to start a COW book on this forum. My plan for a monster book non related to CA is still there, and when it continues again, I'll let you guys know, if you guys are still up for it Just need to proceed on things a bit differently

    And just to know I hope there's no misunderstanding or conflict or disrespect with Jason and his plan, never meant it to be I'm sure the line of books that CA will officially publish will kick lotsa ass! C ya!

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    um, GO CA!
    Any fool can know. The point is to understand.

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    I haven't been able to participate in the COWs much because of work lately, but just wanted to say that I completely support this.

    It also reminds me, I really need to get back into the swing of things. I miss doing COWs!

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