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    Hercules vs the Minotaur

    thought you might like some mythology. worked on this for 2 weeks everyday. final size is 3300 5100 at 300dpi. photoshop.

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    come on, i thought it was high enough quality for finally finished. Arts subjective!

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    is that Kevin Zorbo from the tv series? needs a bit more work in the colouring department, the pants are the only real thing i find interesting so far. maybe it needs more contrast between the colours and the Minotaut looks slightly like a dog with horns. The anatomy of Zorbo is not that bad, keep working on this one, it is a cool concept, i always enjoy mythology

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    Watch your edges. Almost all the edge work is super crisp and sharp and it's making it look like the characters were cut and pasted into the scene rather than belonging in it. Heck, there is still a white outline around the Minotaurs left hoof and leg. Try and create a bit more depth here, you've got an extreme perspective on the minotaur, but it looks like it (and Hercules and the environment too) are all on the same plane together.

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    I would suggest checking your light source ( is it coming from the upper right or left? ) The shadow cast by the foot and the shadow cast by the rock are not on the same line and angle. I would also make the tone darker as you move along the minotaur's body. Judging from the light on the right, i would asume that the light source is coming from the upper right. I would therefore add some highlights on the contours of the right arm and hands (the minotaur's left), and some dark tones where the light cannot reach, which you have done to an extent. You need to make the figures reactive to the environment, and clean the edges a bit. This is a good piece, well done!

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