Hi everyone. here´s my entry:
CHOW #62 - VOTING - Guest Host: oishiiniku. Topic: Aztec Space Traveller
Here´s the story (sorry for my not so perfect english ):
Hundreds of years before, 9 of these beings arrived to earth using only their gigantic wings, and were greeted by a few ancient cultures, among them the aztecs who never understood what they were running from. What we believe to be their pyramids and design were actually parts of their armor, or human made but inspired on their alien gods. They built their home below ground as they could not stand our planet´s temperature. For hundreds of years they slept, and the aztecs cared for them as gods, but in the 15th century it all came to an end, as these beings felt the coming of the spanish and their bloody war, and thus decided to leave. Coming out of the earth after hundreds of years was terribly painful to them. Still, hidden in their armor, a few aztecs managed to escape too, and are now a prosperous and peaceful civilization many light years away from our war ravaged planet. Every few decades they look upon us, and sadness is all that comes from it.