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    Nice paintings on your website MainLoop! XD I definitely dig the life studies!

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    Hehe, chaos, you lurking and watching this thread like a fox. I'm really looking forward to the poll and I'm glad that it looks like I won't have to wait several days to see it. Great round people!

    I updated mine and am calling it done, for now.

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    *huff* I hope I made this in time. Wow...the entries are amazing this round!

    EOW #49 Waterfall City

    Enrica, The waterfall city

    Enrica is a age old city that was built along the side of The Great River of Tolomos. Enrica gets the great waterfall name from the streams of waterfalls that fall off the edges of the buildings that run alongside the riverstream. The city itself is split into two major parts facing the opposite of each other along the river. It is connected by many connecting bridges.
    All the electricity in the city runs on the currents of the waterfall streams that run throughout the whole city, thus the waterfalls are a vital part of Enrica. The waterfalls still run today however the buildings are in much need of repair.

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    There was a time when this city lived in peace. The great cloud machines breathed precious water into the atmosphere. Water that the machines retrieved from distant, less arrid lands. On one such mission, the machines were attacked and re-programmed to destroy the peaceful city. They now hover above spewing massive amounts of water, destroying the city. Smaller, heavily armed defense ships patrol the streets eradicating any attempt to rescue the remaining civilians.

    EOW #49 Waterfall City
    HI REZ
    if anyone knows a place where i can host something bigger than what photobucket allows (800px) let me know.

    chaos- for the final post, can i send you a slightly larger one than i have on here?

    good job everyone!!
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    Ye gods! I knew I should've entered this one. Some very nice works out here.

    Maybe I'll join next round

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    A South American tribe, in order to claim exclusive access to the waterfall, carved their village into the rock surrounding it.

    EOW #49 Waterfall City

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    I am going to back out of this EOW, work has eaten up too much time and my useless scanner won't work on my new office machine - damn XP64 doesn't seem to support any drivers.

    Loads of great entries though - all the best for everyone in the voting.
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    ok people thats a wrap!

    thread closed...
    I should have the3 next round posted in a couple hours and I'll get the poll up as soon as I can
    Hope you all joiin us this week for the new topic

    I am incredibly impreessed withthe the number and quality of the entries. This was likely (I haven't gone back to check) The bigggest EOW round ever!
    thank you all!!!! for making my job bigger and more difficult!

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