Welcome to the Stylized Animal Monthly Challenge, sponsored by Zoo Publishing Magazines and 3DTotal. Please post all images & questions in this thread.

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What is this challenge all about?
Each month we will select an animal and post some images as reference. All you have to do is create a 2D Painting of this creature in a stylized/abstact/cartoon style whilst keeping your creature instantly recongnizable. We wanted to publish some content in 2DArtist Magazine on how to create stylized animals such as you see in the many feature films and cartoon galleries. We thought this regular competition might bring in just the images/making ofs we need whilst giving away great prizes and exposure. If it's a success we will start to boost the prizes up as much as possible!

What are we looking for?
Funny and humourous entries which break the animal down to its most recognizable components, enphasize these in whichever ways you think best and render your stylized/abstact/cartoon masterpiece.

Timeframes and requirements?
The rules are pretty laid back, please submit 1 2D Final Image. If you want to have a background, include some graphical elements or text on your image its up to you. Image posts should be around 800 pixels across, but please work at a much higher res as the top 10 will be featured in 2DArtist Magazine . There will be 1 comp per month, with the deadline being the end of the month GMT. For a valid entry, just make sure your final image is posted in the main competition thread before this time.

We require the top 3 winners to submit 'making of' overview articles that will be shown on either 3DTotal or 2DArtist Magazine , these need to show the stages of your creation, different elements and some brief explanation text, of why and how you did what you did. We will format this into some nice looking pages to give you some great exposure and us some quality content.

Posting Works in Progress?
Each competition will have one thread that starts with this info and the brief at the top. This is where all entrants post all WIPs give feedback and generally laugh at the crazy ideas that are emerging each month. Please dont start any new threads! Just reply to this one already set up.


1st Place
Any 3 items from the 3DTotal Shop. We sell lots of items these days such as our book, Design Studio Press books, texture CDs, Shorts DVDs, Lots of training DVDs and 12 month subscriptions to 3DCreative Magazine and 2DArtist Magazine.

2nd Place
Any 2 items from the 3DTotal Shop.

3rd Place
Any 1 item from the 3DTotal Shop.

We do unfortunately have to limit prizes to 1 book per winner per competition due to high postage costs for heavier items.

Everyone who entered can cast a vote of their top 3 in order, we will award 3pts for a 1st place vote, 2 for 2nd and 1 for 3rd. Then we will add them up and ship out your prizes!

Here we go with this months challenge which is designed to be fun, creative and not too intensive whilst giving best entrants prizes and great exposure in 3DCreative Magazine.

This month we are soaring high above the mountains - eagles!

Stylized Animal Challenge - Mar 2007 - Eagle

Here are a selection of Images to give you some good references. The eagle has its own character from other birds and can be easily recognised!

eagle 01
eagle 02
eagle 03
eagle 04
eagle 05
eagle 06
eagle 07
eagle 08

Dont start new threads, all design sketches, WIP's, feedback to go in this thread. Post your final image, clearly titled 'FINAL IMAGE' before the deadline.

Final Images will be added to the Voting thread which will be created later in the month ready for Voting.

Have fun!