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    your art work on display in a virtual world? read and help!


    my name is frans, i am a gamer in the game entropia universe.

    it is a virtual world where 500,000 gamers run around and have fun, they hunt, craft, trade, chat, gossip, and do tonns of other activities. it got known for sellign a virtual island for 25.000 us dollars and 100.000 dollar for a virtual spacestation annex nightclub.

    So gamers can own realestate ingame, most arent so big;houses and appartments.

    a new feature is the possibility to upload art/pics too enhance houses and use them as art or decoration.

    i am gonna try to use a house as art gallerie; upload the digital artwork and put it on display as a virtual gallery.

    other gamers can come and see it and even buy the screen with the art for use in their own house.

    so i am looking for concept artists who make sci fi art, fantasy, horror, space, virtual world stuff, anything that woudl attract a gamer, also skecthes, manga art is great.

    i would upload your work, put it on display.
    if peopel buy it, u will get payed too (in order to get paid, u woudl make a avatar in game and i pay u in game, which can be extracted to RL currency on your creditcard)

    its not a sceme to get rich, artwork would sell for several dollars, but it would be a great and fun platform to get your work displayed and known, and if u make a few dolalr in the process, well thats great too.

    so if u like the idea, mail me at

    i am pretty new to this and this forum, so spread the word, poitn your frends too this, mail me i always willing to show what i mean, or download the game for free so i can chow u around ingame.

    your artwork on display is seen by 500,000 gamers there, so that is a kick by itself, but i repeat; dont exspect to get rich; exspect fun, feedback and a new podium for display of your work, and if you think oyur owkr might not be good enough, let the gamers decide )

    Frans bovens

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    lol what pillock payed 100 grand for a bunch of pixels?....anyway, dude what your asking is simple to achieve, just browse the "finaly finished" and "sketchbooks" forums like you say incredible display of talent. just leave a comment on the threads you like asking the artist for permission.

    there may be some commercial issues with the owners of however which there seemed to be with one of the other competitions here which was offering recognition on websites and prize money and was halted for a bit by CA untill permission was granted, you may need to contact some one important to ask permission, but im not sure just the involment of money and making work public seems the same as the other case.check that out
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