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    Jazz' Junk Draw' (Practice Enviro update, Aug 6, 2011)

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    Hi!! I FINALLY mustered the courage to make a sketchbook on here!! I'm Jasmine, but please do call me Jazz if ya like! It's so much easier! ^_^ I wrote in another thread of mine that I havent the time or energy (or inspiration) to draw very nice things. Well, nothing much has changed, except I HAVE been trying to draw more!

    I really wish to improve, especially since I have some personal projects that I'm continuing with. See, I have stories and comics that I wish to create. I just can't seem to draw characters very well. I've lost the heart to do so. I used to REALLY suck at anatomy, but at one point I was into expressions and movement more than I am now. I was also into drawing full-bodied figures more often. Now, I'm surprised I can even draw a full head! I can't!

    So, I'll show everyone where I've been and where I am! This first post just has a few sketches, some not so recent. I lost my will to draw for a while there. I did draw from reference though, a few times. One figure-drawing term helped out a lot.

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    I got into trying the self-portraits, though I have trouble making out detail. I still wanted to practice finding any detail that I could see. These two are from 2004 and 2005.

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    It's too bad I was too tired to shade that latest self-portrait. It was for a CA 101 assignment. But I could've done more to make myself look nifty. (well, my hair makes me look crazy, at least.)

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    I was bored at home, so I drew my foot and some wooden model poses.

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    Just some figure drawings. The second page of them is actually from a book. I wish I could take that class again.
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