I apologize for the harsh shadow on the sides... My sketchbook is a tad too big for the scanner and slightly elevated because it's a spiral sketchbook.
It always leaves this kinda shadow on my sketches.

Anyway, something is kinda bothering me about this picture.

In the case of another picture I did of a human character, it took me several hours to find out what was wrong. I had tilted the head upwards and didn't draw the ear to match, so the poor blokes ear is too high and it was too late to fix it by then.

So I'm going to jump the gun, and try to avoid that this time.

So hopefully you guys might find something that I can't or just tell me my eyes are playing tricks on me... it could be that too.

ps. I think it's somewhere around the arms and the head.

Also, they're a married couple, but I don't know if it comes across as a friendly embrace or a loving embrace... it's supposed to be a "surprised" loving embrace... on the poor sap that's receiving it anyway.

This is also my first post here. Hi everyone!
I'm so nervous about posting, you people are all so good. >_> I feel out of my league.