Art: Tsumami Self-Portrait (newbie here!)
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Thread: Tsumami Self-Portrait (newbie here!)

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    Tsumami Self-Portrait (newbie here!)

    Errr...apologies if this isn't the right place... it's going to take a while for me to get familiar... >_>;

    Anyways... this is probably the only Self-Portrait I've ever done in my life. In fact, this is the ONLY one I've ever done... (and, I'm not sure if I'll do any more... yet...).

    Painted with Golden Acrylics on a masonite board (24X27 approx.), used a photograph of myself and the grid-line method, and being a full-time student at a Canadian Art & Design school... yep, this was a Painting assignment.
    And, unfortunately.. I couldn't figure out (at the time of the Fall Semester) how to damn-well get Skin colors. So, this portrait.... became, as my instructor said, 'Matisse-inspired.' ><;

    But, what I see wrong:

    -Facial placement, nose looks small as well as lips (despite working from a photograph, and using a grid)
    -Need more lighting on the face, I feel.
    -One eye is strange (even though that is how it looked on the photograph)
    -I need to make my paintings (in the near future, right now taking Color Theory course) brighter or something....

    And... pardon me for being self-critical of myself. It's going to be ongoing like this, really. ><; Any other critiques (if possible) appreciated, since I need a thick-ass art skin.

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