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    Fish Flakes: Back to Euphoriafish's drawing board

    Goal: Draw for one hour every day.

    Subgoals: Three finished sketches per week to be handed in on Tuesdays. This sketchbook should be updated Thursdays.
    Find some focus!
    Use that great imagination!
    Make drawing fun and stop worrying about sucking to the point of abandoning things early.

    I am often told: "You need to draw more."
    "You've got an imagination. When your skills catch up to that, you'll be smokin'."
    "You're trying to do too many things at once."
    "You have waay too much going on in that composition!"
    "Simplify your life!"
    "Time management is the most important skill for an artist. No excuse is good enough not to finish things."

    I need to draw more. I'm a fifth year college senior but still have the bulk of my studio classes to get through by the end of December. That's 6 classes to fit in two semesters and two summer sessions. After that, I hope to have a decent portfolio so I can apply to more technically oriented schools when I have an undergrad art degree. Don't know how I will afford more school, but I am not ready for the real world yet either. For now, I'm sick of hating my art and not getting better.

    This semester is my second university drawing class after a year and a half of study abroad and classes in sculpture, color theory, digital art and photography but *not* drawing. I'm keeping a sketchbook for the class for 10% of my grade, with three sketches due per week. So far, I haven't gotten much feedback on my sketches, but I haven't produced enough to really expect feedback either! I'm going to post even the crappy unfinished ones here as evidence of my bad habits and a reminder to myself to improve.

    I don't know why I keep trying to draw figures when I only have one book on figure drawing and haven't taken any classes on anatomy or figure studies. I intend to order another book and start attending the open drawing sessions at school on the weekends.

    I'm also taking painting and multimedia/programmed art, so works in other media may show up occaisonally.

    I hope this sketchbook will show improvement over the course of the semester. Maybe I'll even learn how to finish things!

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    1: Elephant-Slug

    This was a DSG prompt. I didn't finish on time to post in that thread.

    Also, my first oil painting. It's me pretending to be Lou Reed, except that I like cats and bright colors, and I am more of a smartass than a badass. Not my first self-portrait, but it might as well be since I can't control the paint so well. I wasn't sure how detailed to make the conte sketch since the chalk mixed badly with the paint anyway...

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