Topic: Medieval War Machine
(Topic inspired by silliKONe's suggestion)

Background: The local lord is worried. He has neither the forces nor the influence to be a threat to any of his neighbours, or to be able to stand in their way. You have proposed the idea of war machines to him and he's provided you with all the resources necessary so he can defend and even expand his lands.


1. Design a medieval war machine.

2. The lord has much in the way of resources at his disposal, including horses and oxen, but little in the way of men.


IDW 0031: Medieval War Machine [VOTING]
It's a flamethrower that works by squirting a flamable liquid out of the cannon, based on an Ancient Greek flamethrower that I saw in a documentary! The little glimmer fuse ignites the liquid as it is squirted out! It is advisable to not stand in front of the Dwarven Flamer when this happens!


IDW 0031: Medieval War Machine [VOTING]
i took this on a few ways. the machine is basically a giant leonardian beast, each wheel's drive shaft driven by 3 levels of beasts turning large spokes and thus transferring power to the wheels via a 90 degree gear.

in addition to animal propellent further reductions in manpower are alleviated by primarily staffing the structure with women. other than the seige weaponry and shocktroops/marines/fire department the VAST majority of death is dealt with projectiles be it crossbows or longbows and these functions are easily accomplished in an almost superior manner by women (they look hotter doing it).

to combat fires wet animal hides, steel and bronze plating and recently slain enemy bodies each do their part in extinguishing fiery arrows

[Strike!]for bursts of speed, elephants are put into the wheels and act as giant gerbils[/Strike!]


IDW 0031: Medieval War Machine [VOTING]
The Bailey Mobile Defense Wheel was commisioned in 1367 to serve as a front line "aggressive defense" war machine. "The Wheel" was especially effective when grouped in sets of six, forming a wall of arrows and extended pikes that could fire omnidirectionally, controlled by a chain-trigger system within the steering house.

While early designs were hailed as the pinnacle of military and engineering inventiveness, later test manouevres and actual combat led to the nickname "Bullseye", due to its distinctive shape when viewed from above, and the incredible ease in which it was dispatched by the enemy. Troops unfortunate enough to be assigned to these defense platforms mockingly painted bullseyes on the front of the three steering houses, recognizing the futility of their plight. The design was ultimately scrapped, to be replaced by the far superior Oldsmobile Cutlass.


IDW 0031: Medieval War Machine [VOTING]
after much debating the alchemist and inventors of the kingdom realised that its not a big gigantic weapon that will win their wars, but a one that could be carried by almost any soldier by foot.
they invented the "manual disc slinger" - as you can see, blue arrows are the directions of the ninja star disc and black are mechanism directions, the footman turn the manuela and its rotation brings the disc forward with great speed due to gear wheels diffrence.. the disc rotate as it goes forward because of the spikes on the sides, just like a gear wheel, again. after the small bump which holds the disc in place turn down due to its chain direction the disc has its energy going forward so it leaves the bump and launches at , i believe to approx 60-80 meters range.. if it does not hit anything it flies back to the footman just like a bumerang but slower and lands vertically..
the weapon can fire large amount of stars continuesly, making it a very deadly weapon in the medievel battlefield.