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Thread: Sunken Temples

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    Sunken Temples

    My second piece to be submitted to CA; digital painting. I think it's an improvement (hence why I made it my avatar when I was having 'this is my baby' issues with the painting - but I've got to the usual stage of 'blargh, begone, painting, I am not your mother' now ). I could still stand to improve some more. I'll keep ploddin'.

    Does anyone else here get finished-the-painting blues? As soon as I've completed anything, I get this feeling of purposelessness and am not quite sure what I ought to be doing - until I start the next one, that is! I guess the solution to that is to have many paintings on the go at once..!
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    on the bottom left theres like a lighter value shape next to the bottom of the pillar, and i dunno what that is. on that bottom left pillar ti comes up into a tangent with the pillar behind it. on the bottom right i think u can tone down the pillar that is it overlapping. maybe some sharper edges on the tops of the broken pillars that are closest to us.
    i think you can tone down the footprints in the distance, and there's one that touches the uh, dress, and forms a tangent.
    something about this image jus really bores me (opinion!)
    maybe add some different types of rubble, broken statues? rocks? tops of pillars on their side? something to make it busier on the bottom so that your eye skips past and goes to the dove. that being said, i think you could use some darker values around the dove, and toning down the value contrast of the pillars that are closest to us. right now, my eye keeps on going to that bottom right pillar.
    jus noticed u have a tangent with the tangent with hand and body, hand and armor.
    also caught my eye was the weird white line in the back, looks like sumthing tied to a pillar or sumthing? that looks unfinished.

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    Thanks for your input, it's appreciated. However, I don't understand what you mean by parts of the work 'forming a tangent' - I've only ever heard that in mathematical terms and I can't quite see what the criticism is there!

    I apologise that the image bores you. It interests me, but I guess I can't appeal to everyone - although I wouldn't mind knowing what was so dull about it!

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    A couple added things to what afterthought has said: This being a illustration you have to control where the viewer is looking. Witht the subjest head looking up and out it directs my eye to the bird. But I think the bird blend in to the background way too much so my eyes just get lost and go right out of the page. Maybe by making the sky or bid a different color to get some contrast or put a colse up tree there to bring the viewer back into the picture? Because right now i am not looking at your picture...I am looking out of it.

    Also, a tangent is when to different object intersect in a way that makes them run together or look like one object. A god test to see if somethings are tangents to make them a black silhouette (because that's what you see first). If things are one big blob then yup, it's a tangent.

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