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    Wink A Late Night

    Hi, its really later, so I can't see whats wrong with this picture just because my eyes are all blurry, anyways, please give me some c&c! Painted in photoshop, I took references photos for the person and the doors. Thank you!!
    A Late Night
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    Right now all the elements match so if you wanted to call it complete I think it is a great illustration that would fit perfectly in any story book, First thing that stands out and is a easy fix is the eye, you have a dark eye line on the bottom side, unless she is wearing heavy eyeliner (even if the girl “really” was I would leave it out), this line should read as more of a flesh tone, from the outside comer come in a touch with the black eye lashes then smooth out to flesh. I done a paint over for that, I also added a bit of highlight right below the iris were reflective moisture usually gathers in a persons eye.

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    If you absolutely wanted to keep improving it but don’t know were to begin I would suggest you make the fingers more independent of each other, especially the thumb it looks more stylized then if you drew it from a reference picture, the eye reads the same way like you drew a curved triangle were the eye should be, then filled in eye parts. I would also evaluate the work on the shadings of the arms and face I feel that the gradient if smoother would look more realistic, of realistic was your goal.
    but like I said it works right now with no changes as a complete piece.
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    you got a tangent with the alienhead and door. too much hair on the back of the head.
    check the folds of the pants.
    she doesn't feel affected by the light of the room. that being said, where IS the light source. the light on the alien doesn't match the light on her.
    the door knob doesn't look like it's sticking out.

    try to get some darker values around the alien to make him stick out more.
    i see him on 2nd read, but even then he kinda blends in with the bg.
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