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    Couple of watercolour pictures of birds here, any critique would be welcome.


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    I think they lack detail and colour accuracy.
    but then again, I can't waterpaint to save my life.
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    Good forms, I like the overall look and the poses of the birds!

    Did u have any reference?
    If u like birds check out ""... really good references there...

    About the watercolor pictures: try not to use black! Just to darken colors when you are mixing but never on the paper! How did you do these pictures?
    First a pencil sketch and then painted over?

    If you want to make something look white.... leave out the paper...but this need practice!!! Watercolor is not easy....needs a lot of time to refine your techniques... if you are not used to it, try simple color fade outs.. for the beginning...

    If you can speak a bit of German try out

    Not bad....

    Hope i can help.

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    Lineart can help and it can hurt, in your case it hurts. If you used a smaller pen/pencil/charcoal whatever you used, and used it more precisely, then it would really help your image, because the messy lines pretty much ruin it.
    You did a good job of avoiding colour leaks, but these looked rush. Don't be scared to take your time, watercolours are very delicate and precise, and don't do well when rushed, especially in small areas.
    You should also pay attention to shading, especially on the second picture. It is very possible to shade with watercolours, but washing the lighter areas or adding more than one coat onto the dark areas. Still referring to the second bird, try to make your colours blend together better, fade into one another. A way of doing this is by wetting the paper before you paint and then doing both colours, or wet them both while they're still wet.

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