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  • Evil_Sloth

    1 5.56%
  • Lewis

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  • Prophet

    11 61.11%
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    VOTING!! Teen Challenge #24

    Very sorry about the delay . I'm back on top of things, I promise.

    The topic was "Snow Battle." Vote for your favorite!

    VOTING!! Teen Challenge #24

    VOTING!! Teen Challenge #24

    VOTING!! Teen Challenge #24

    VOTING!! Teen Challenge #24

    VOTING!! Teen Challenge #24

    VOTING!! Teen Challenge #24
    VOTING!! Teen Challenge #24

    VOTING!! Teen Challenge #24

    Post any comments you might have, next round is on the way.

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    Voted sloth, even though it obviously uses tons of pics it's done pretty damn well!

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    We wan't the new challenge! Gogo boss Plate!

    Voted Prophet, for achieving extremely finished look in his pic!

    No c&c from me this time, I just busted my ass giving some elsewhere.

    Did I mentioned I need the new topic?

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    Vote goes to Prophet. Second goes to
    Sorry about missing this one, I was more interested in other things. And Im now oficially too old to enter these
    Anyhow, keep rocking people!

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    good job guys. I enjoyed this thread.

    1.Prophet Great image here, not too much overpowering the image as a whole but you still get the dynamic sense of negative space between the 2 characters that are about to do battle, which I thought was successful in achieving an almost nervous anticipation, like the "stage fright" before a performance or battle. KUDOS. I feel like the image is missing something but I am not quite sure what it is yet. it might be the space where the building is. maybe if you had something in the composition to help the eye move up toward the smaller character. awesome texture built-up within the image. I like it.

    2.Lohan I feel that this image has a lot of potential. I give this image my #1 vote for composition. there are some great solid shapes in here and the motion is very nice. I don't know if you were going for these specific mechanics of composition but you almost pulled off the Fibonacci Golden spiral. that usually works for drawing the eye to the main focus of the image.. just ask Leonardo da Vinci.

    Some things that you might want to work on:
    -Be careful with the saturation of the colors. very rarely do we find this much contrast and saturation in life. I think it's mostly the trees that's throwing me off, and the contrast of the snow on the ledge.

    I think you could use some sort of footprints, or tire tracks in the image as well.
    one thing that will really help this image come together is atmospheric vanishing. tone down the blues in the sky and the sharp lines and contrast in the background and it will give the viewer a more convincing depth within the image. see what a mean in this image here or here

    FINISH IT! just because the contest is over doesn't mean you have to put it down. Work on letting your own unique style shine through, that's really a big part of art and what expression is about.
    (i know I need to practice what I am preaching here too, and I know it's not as easy as I am saying so stick with it)

    excellent piece my friend.

    3.Evil_Sloth: There is a lot going on in this image. I really like how you made it so the viewer feels almost like ducking for cover from the oncoming missile. I am left wanting to see the foreground handled a little differently. I am having trouble deciding how massive these mechs are. The one in the foreground is beautifully rendered. I love it. but the distance between the foreground mech, then the posts on the left with the guys shooting, and then way off in the middle ground with the other mech are strange. I am assuming the middleground mech is supposed to be the same size as the one in the foreground but it's not really selling me for some reason. What is the distance between the foreground and the guys hiking down the trail on the top right of the image. The guys on the trail are almost 1/3rd the size of the guys shooting the guns on the post. it looks like you used some matte painting techniques in this image which give it an almost super-realistic look, and I am not sure if that works for the image as a whole or not. but what I really enjoy about this image is that you can see your imagination flowing consistently throughout the image, which makes me smile because a lot of people have trouble getting that to shine through.

    all in all. this is a great image, bro. You have some good skills with rendering out forms in their environment.

    to everyone
    all of these images have some great things going on. you all portrayed motion and action and many of you were successful at getting across the event at hand which is just great! keep up the great work guys.

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    I voted for wombat. He managed to capture something of the "snow" feelling that caught my eye, you know, that silent muffled feeling as the flakes slowly drift towards the forest floor. Also I liked the way his makes you think "wait a minute, where's the battle?" and then you realize what just happened. Good job wombat.

    Great job every one else as well!

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    Prophet got my vote. It felt like the most "finished" piece, and he whole thing has a great mood. and wombat come in at close seconds.

    Anyway, great job everyone! I'll have to try harder to get in on more of these.
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    My first inclination was wombat, because I really like the depth in the piece. But I have to say that the subject matter in prophet's really stole the show - as I cannot get enough of that flying Kung Fu stuff in asian films. So stylized, but so beautiful - and I agree, the tension in the image is really great.

    Great work everyone!
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    oh hey, i just realized i posted a wip and not the finished image. lol oh well.

    anyway i liked wombats. all around ownage.

    thanks xzacto for the in-depth crit. some of the things were addressed in the final version (in my sketchbook somewhere), and its cool i did the giovanni whatever spiral. i'll look into that!

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