Greetings all my name is JT or "doompainter" if you will. I have a few questions and thoughts feel free to share you're views. I live in Kansas seems as far away from the industry as possible i grew up in a suburb and doodled alot. Eventually somewhere between the math homework well what barly passed as math homework covered with random drawings making it nearly impossible to read and the six hours of art i took yearly in highschool i fell in love with the stuff. after highschool my friend and only competition left to go to KCAI " kansas city art institute" while i not knowing what i was gonna do "still don't imho" pinched all my pennies and went to a local CC. With out this person and my teacher pushing me i have put down the paintbrush i once held and havn't picked it up since taking a digital media degree as a path to somewhere i have spent the last 2 years creating projects to skate by unskathed in a somewhat foriegn region of art. this brings me to the end of my story and the question of the hour "what to do next?"

First off does anyone else have Da Vinci syndrom "never happy with you're own art, and never finishing something really nice because you feel it will never match you're vision" Well i do this has left me with a portfolio of work i am not partial too and alot of unfinished works just wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what the next step is and so on and so forth?

Thankyou for listening