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    Arrow Concept sketch for character [Advice appreciated]

    Hey, I'm new. I've been drawing for quite some time now however I've never been able to push my boundries...that boundry being coloring. I have no idea how to color am I'm not sure if this image is at the stage of coloring. Help and advice greatly appreciated.
    Concept sketch for character [Advice appreciated]

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    Red face coloring

    this image is perfectly fine for coloring. There are also many ways to do it so I will describe how I do it.

    `First using adobe photoshop I will open your image.

    `Next I will create a new layer and place it underneath the layer containing your picture

    `I select the first layer and set its layer blending options to multiply.

    `Now I begin painting / coloring on the layer underneath the drawing.

    I set up my colorings this way because it allows me to color on a different layer and still be able to see crisp linework on top. Painting inside of the linework will often result in smudgy or edgy linework mixed into your coloring.


    `First I set my brush to about 70 percent and begin laying out the flat colors
    This is just a guide so that I can start to see my painting take shape.
    `Next I paint in 2 fake light cones in perspective, I do this to remind myself where the light is coming from so I can try to render the lighting on my object.

    [TIP] - When you are ready for detail play with different brush opacities and brush tip shapes.

    `Make a new layer and label it Highlights. Inside of this layer you can paint in all of the highlights that you want. Keeping them on their own layer will let u turn them on and off or change them without messing anything else up

    `Make another new layer for your shadows, having the same intent as your layer for highlights

    [TIP] - Layers are your friend! At any time durring the process if you want to try something that you arent sure about the results or anything like that, create a new layer and give it a shot. If you like it, you can combine the layer with the layer it belongs in. If you dont like it you can scrap the layer and continue from where you left off before.

    So thats just the basic idea of how i get my paintings going. I hope it helps you out a little bit.

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    Thank you so much!

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