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    Smile I hope this works!

    Hi, I'm new, I hope I've done everything right and you can acturially see the image! This is a children's book sample, done the old fashioned way with hairy sticks and oil on canvas. I would appreciate any critism -

    Thanks, Emily

    I hope this works!

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    The first thing I notice is the cat... probably due to the high contrast.

    Anyway, the cat looks like it has some huge hind legs. The body does not look long enough and the head is completely straight on to the viewer, so I think it needs a lot of revamping.

    Don't get me wrong though, the rest of it is rather nice. I can't think of anything you would do to the child.

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    This is a very sweet picture. I really like the pattern of pinks and how it ties in with her shirt.
    I also like that the cat is looking at us.
    One thing that I think is weird is that it looks like her skirt doesn't have any wrinkles in it. Also, it doesn't really look like it's hanging naturally from her waist.

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    the soft colours and the figures are really nice. I would re-look at the composition. The whole meat of you image is on the left side, the right side...while pretty is mostly filler. as an oil painter myself I would reccommned looking at the interactions between the colors, and be very carefull of getting that Paint-by-numbers effect where each color spot doesn't actually touch the one nex to it or interact, cause you are painting alla prima, and don't want it to get muddy. as I see it you have two choices. wait for it to dry and glaze it. or be brave and jump back into it..... oh no wait theres a third choice... take it into PS or some paint program and mess with it...then you can always trash the result and you haven't lost anything

    good luck and keep posting
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    Thanks everybody, you guys are great! Will definitely take it all into consideration.
    Emily g: congrats on spotting the bit where I fudged the reference (her skirt)

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