There has been some discussion 'round the 'net about the apparent need for a Wacom 6D Art Pen to utilize Painter X's new RealBristle brushes. The only dimension of control missing without the 6D is barrel rotation. While a desirable attribute, the RealBristle technology is still highly expressive without rotation.

I've created a variant, John's Real Variable, that does a pretty good job as an expressive fine-point brush. Here's a sample:

John's Real Variable Brush Available

OK, it's not art. My goal is to demonstrate a brush with a lot of expressive variability. In particular, this RealBristle variant utilizes pressure and tilt to alter the brushwork character.

You can play around with adusting the character of John's Real Variable. Here are the pertinent controls to adjust the brush's character:

John's Real Variable Brush Available

You can download John's Real Variable to play with it:


Viva la Painter X!