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    Red face "Inquistor Celeste" and "Cheers"

    Hey guys , been a while ...
    the first "Inquisitor Celeste" is oil on illustration board, 20x30
    the second is an older piece "Cheers" oil on mdf board, 16x20
    crits and comments are always welcome....

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    hey steve,
    the new pieces look great, especially the one with the girl.

    it looks like you are getting quite comfortable with paint... and thats the biggest hurdle.
    now, you just need to decide WHAT to paint.
    i did a paint over for you showing how i think you could improve some things.
    these are mostly just my opinions, but i thought it might help to see how someone else would look at the problem.

    some thoughts:
    that object in the background is more distracting than it is interesting.
    either make it overwhelmingly important (by size perhaps) or make it less important (by repetition).
    i think repetition works best because it adds a sense of mystery in this case.

    drop the horizon line.
    psychologically "looking down" on the hero makes them look inferior.
    looking up makes them more heroic.
    either way, adding more sky is always a plus for the art director.
    it makes type placement easier.

    white is powerful, dont waste it on the floor covering.
    even if the story was about her on a white sheet, you are better off making it grey.
    otherwise you are putting unnecessary attention on something that doesnt need it.
    remember, there can only be 1 star of the show...
    and the ground covering isnt it.

    metal...much higher contrast.

    with book covers, you can get away 'bordering' the image a little bit.
    like using another column on the right.
    not only does it keep our eyes contained, but it make it look like shes in a temple of some sort rather than next to some arbitrary pillar in the middle of nowhere.

    rim lighting....
    i use this to death, but regardless, its always a good idea to look for an opportunity to add a secondary light source or reflected light to the shadows.
    i see you've indicated the reflected light somewhat on the initial pillar you painted.
    but keep in mind... warm light=cool shadows. cool light=warm shadows (usually).
    typically they are opposite because the shadow is a result of of not receiving direct light. it would be pitch black, but light bounces around, picking up its surroundings color, and ricochets back into the shadows allowing us to see it.
    that shadow will be the color of its surroundings, in this case green.
    if the surroundings contain an additional light source (in this case also green) you can really add that intensity into the shadows.
    regardless of whether or not this may be accurate to the set-up you have, it adds a lot of 'pop'. look for excuses to use it when ever possible.

    make sure its consistent.
    if we are looking down on the girl, why is the base of the pillar flat?
    it should be elliptical.
    it will only appear flat precisely at eye level.

    anyways, steve.
    seriously, this painting is a BIG jump for you. it looks VERY competent. now that you arent struggling with your medium, use that time to figure out what you want to express.
    everyone can learn to play the piano, very few can compose like mozart.
    you are a composer... keep that in mind.

    sorry if this crit is so blunt, (and opinionated)
    but i know you're smart, and you are going to suck this in like a sponge.
    i have no doubt you will impress me even more with your next image.


    "Inquistor Celeste" and "Cheers"
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    - Dan Dos Santos

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    Thank you DS, that was very very helpful for me as well!
    No pain, no gain.


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    Thanks a bunch Dan for taking the time for the crit. It is greatly appreciated man.

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