Just want to say hi and present my self ! I love this web site and decide to subscribe!

Just few word about my self, hmm,My name is Ramiro, I love sugar and blood! I'm from the video games and movies industries, I worked for the past 7 years as a CG character animator. I worked on project like: Prince of persia, indianajones, racing stripes, sin city, sharkboy & lavagirl, 300 and other obscure projects. Now I'm in the preproduction of a live action short film who I wrote, produce and will direct. a lot of great artists of the industry are involve in this project I live for now in montreal, I'm planning to move to the US soon. I love my nintendo wii, but respect my xbox360, (i feel they are fighting anytime I turn on the TV! )

So i will post my concept art and personal drawings soon ( kids like drawings, can't do better!!) I will be happy to share my ideas. I really focus on concept and original ideas rather than skills, but I respect so munch skilled artist in there craft, it just we ave to concentrate on what we are good

so see me around !