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    Character Improvements

    okay so I've been slightly lazy as my last thread about 2-3 months ago is dead and I'm just making a new one. This is my character that I drew a while back...

    Character Improvements

    It's supposed to be a being made of shadow with internal flames, your replies were few but the gist was that the anatomy wasn't clear enough, there was too much smoke and overall it was a bit shit. So I re did it and this is how it ended up...

    Character Improvements

    I think it's a hell of an improvement and looks much more like the way I imagined. What do you guys think? How can I improve this further and what works/doesn't work? Many thanks in advance, I'd love to hear your critiques.

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    I would like to see a more shapely head, something in the shape of "Fear me" The pointy teeth are a good start, but the dome shaped head says "I'm simple and caught myself on fire, please help" Also, why does he have only one eye? seems like he'd be more fearsome with two. And as a last thought, maybe make his obliques more noticeable.That's what I think anyway, good improvement though, if you can repeat the experience we'll be looking at one fine piece of art here!
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    Your hiding about 90% of your anatomy with fizzy smoke effects. I would suggest less of that, and more definition in your figure, not to mention a much more dynamic pose. The "im jesus on the cross" pose isn't very interesting to look at.

    Either way, keep us posted on your progress
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    I like the fire/smoke effect you have! Not enough anatomy going on though, really not very interesting to look at.

    I don't like the new fire bands...if he's supposed to be a shadow being, then shouldn't the flames be hidden(internal) within the shadow as opposed to sitting directly atop it like clothing?
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    Thanks for the comments guys I'll get to it, this version will be going forward into my portfolio but I'll get a newer version to compare it with.

    Gunther: The one eye thing was my first thought with this creature it was the thing that kinda set the idea off so it's something I rele want to keep a hold of, I agree with you about the head shape, I need to shange that, maybe to focus more on the eye and make it more fearsome rather than half blind.

    Blue: I agree with you there, my initial idea on the pose was much more dynamic but I couldn't pull it off (I've done a ton of anatomical studies since so I think I can pull it off now) so this pose held the most power I could manage at the time

    Ian Mack: You've definately nailed it about those bands, on second look (I actually started this about 2 months ago but my computer was out of action for a month) they are very flat and do look like clothing. Would anyone have any suggestions on how to make the flames more internal and the being more shadowy? Thanks again.

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