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Thread: game design and art question (not specifivally AI)

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    game design and art question (not specifivally AI)

    I was wondering what the best college to go to was for Game Design AND art. Basically I want to (eventually) create background stories for games and the core foundations of it, but also draw concept art for the game as well. I dont draw good at all, but i'm trying me best and I think if I keep trying and practicing I can eventually make it. So does anyone have any recomendations for schools I should attend? at first I was going to attend AI, and yes ive read all the forums here and everywhere else about AI, so I dont know if ill attend that college. I dont know much about colleges the way it is, so thats probably why I feel for the lure AI was baiting me with. anyways, if anyone has recommendations for game design AND art, then I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
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    AiCDIS in Burnaby has a Game Art program....Game Art and Animation Foundation (GAAF)to be exact.......
    and they also have EGAD, which is Electronic Game Art and roommate is taking that now
    it's sweet, I've been helping him out with the concept art for the main project that he's been working on.....and in the game design program you have the opportunity to manage your own projects anyways, so you'll definitely be able to do a lot of your own concept art anyhow.

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    Nintendo`S Digipen program has been really gaining lately, near Seattle. A full 4 year game design program, and a lot of the areas best art teachers are working there now. My Mother is an instructor at the Art Institute in Seattle and she knows many of the teachers there, says they are top notch.
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    at Digipen? either the school has drastically changed since I last been there (back in dec) but the only person that i'm aware of that worked on a game was a TA that was actually layed off at Seirra. nice guy though but no on there had any huge gaming portfolio.

    Even the main instructor in chare never had any previous background in gaming (I’m just assuming this when e was telling us how to get into the animation business) meaning paper and pencil.

    Another not that bad guy. But they do work you a lot –but from an industry stand point it sucks. Did I mention a budget cut for the art department? 1 scanner for 50 students? Its not a school for art-far from it. Its more catered to the programming side of gaming (since its very profitable there)

    I’m taking 3 classes from Gnomon school of visual affects in Hollywood and its funny but just those 3 classes alone blew Digipen away. For example our instructor still works in the game industry (recent one was Indiana Jones and the emperors tomb (he did indy) and doing a new project with Rock star) and he already said he needed a larger staff. People now in days are only hiring people that have previous experience.

    To me, it was amazing to meet people already in the industry- and the problem about the gaming industry just like any other entertainment industry it’s a buddy buddy system. So if you have a friend in the field it’s a lot easier to get work.

    I certainly do hope digipen has changed in the last couple of months but by the looks of things I doubt it. Haha ani110 was such a fucking joke it hurts to realize I paid a grand for their “core class”.

    Just take a look at their websites and gallery’s.

    however, Gnomon is pretty expensive but you paid for shit you get shit.
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