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  1. #91
    jedininjaman: thanks! your right about the proportiton... I think I have
    been spending more time on the the digis than on the pencil sketches.

    Lee we: Thanks!

    Autumnal Dream: thanks alot!

    monstertree: thanks alot for your advice, and yeah I should
    really need to do some more studies!

    jMarkus: thanks!

    Kreegz85: I promise to do a lot of studying for the next year!

    AnthonyFoti: thanks, hope to see you here soon again!

    marioucci: double thanks to you too!

    Buckster: thanks buckster!

    RandAlThor: thanks!

    Sirio_Brozzi: thanks a lot man! I know I should do more full body
    studiesm I guess Ive been too lazy or something... I promise you to do a ton till next year!

    these are all some stuff yhat Ive done random time ago. since I havent been painting much lately I cant update stuff that is up to date..

    need to do lots of studies, and not stuff like this..

    10-15min sketch from my head


    forgut to post this one, few months old.

    thanks again everybody for putting your time watching trough my sb, I just want you to know that I am really thankful for all your help.

    in the last few months Ive been doing really nothing, life has been quite simple. been working a little but thats pretty much everything.
    so I just thought it was time to kick myself in the butt and get this sketchbook going somewhere.


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    Here are some sketches I just found from last summer, some bad and some better.. nothing special anyhow

    Sorry for the poor quality, will try to fix my scanner until next time.

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  4. #93
    thanks for commenting on my sb
    awesome 'stache!

    i like your pencil stuff the most, but im bias to traditional mediums than digital.
    I do really love his shoes.
    Keep it up! you have a good imagination.

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  5. #94
    Amazing the difference between page 1 and 3 eh?
    I posted on page 3 before telling you how great the self portrait watching a movie was and I have to say it again man. that is great. So is this:

    Did u notice how your work explode in energy when you let the textures and strokes go berserk?

    The Santa Maria one is a great balance between strokes and finesse. Maybe thats your best one.

    Ok. thanks for replying on my SB and Ill drop by here often



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    Apr 2004
    China, Shenzhen, Guangdong
    You got a cool colouyr pallete, love it

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    Nov 2007
    Japan, U.S.A., Italy, New York
    Yo, Im straight geekin off of this one...

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  8. #97
    28chelseaslater: thanks alot. yeah I like the shoes too

    marioucci: thanks for the kind of words. I will reply to your sketchbook soon!

    Cold: thank you

    KROGER: thanks kroger. there are some errors that bothers me, maby I will paint anoter version

    Once again I havent been updating for a long time. but this time it is`nt about my lazyness, its because my harddisk crashed on my MacBook. Im not shore yet how much I can recover from it. I just hope that at least some of my school work is not damaged..

    Ive just borrowed my girlfriends computer and fixed some programs so that Ill be able to paint.

    I think this was my first pc painting, no reference:

    anoter one:

    this is my first digital sketch from life:

    some shirt designs I did about a year ago.

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    Aug 2007
    Gvle, Sweden
    You really got some good stuff here. The Rembrandt is awesome! ^^
    Give me mooore please!
    Go, Sweden, go!



    Beware, it's a crappy Sketchbook.

    "We are all heroes! You and me and Boo..."
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  10. #99
    some stuff I found at my photobucket, forgut to post them earlier..

    I can see LOTS of erros in the perspspective of the forming.

    just another test

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  11. #100
    Yet another awesome sketchbook! Everything rocks, especially the picks in #91 and #97. In #91 you say, "need to do lots of studies, and not stuff like this.." Dude, say it isn't so! Keep 'em coming!

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  12. #101
    Dandilion - the credits go to rembrans himself, but thanks!

    Doolittle - thanks man! yea, Im trying to do as much studies as possible. less fun stuff, and more studies. and btw, jag e frn Finland

    a few days ago a friend of mine gave me a scanner, lucky me
    So, I can finally upload som sketches! I hope Ill have time to update tomorrow.

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  13. #102
    as I said..

    some really quick rembrandt studys

    a sketch I did before trying out my scanner

    trying out some different techniques

    few monts old sketch, just for fun done



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    Jul 2002
    Victoria, BC
    More monkeys! And is that Mel Gigson? Sure looks like him. You have some awesome skills... I'd say to focus a bit more on the shapes and structure you're using and then apply your crazy rendering skills to the drawing.

    I really dig post #91, nice composition.

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  15. #104
    Cool page Chris, i like your pencil work and those monkey's are looking awesome. keep sharing ;-)

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  16. #105
    A quick little update. Im in a hurry so replies later!

    3 hour life painting for my sister as a gift. I decided to download m@ts brush set to quickly make it look more interesting.
    thanks m@t for sharing your cool brushes, you really helped me out!

    The next morning I wake up I felt kind of bored on the painting. so I did a quick remake. its at least more interesting I think.

    Last edited by chrishly; April 24th, 2008 at 07:56 PM.
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  17. #106
    Speedpainting from last week. The only reason why im posting it is because its different from everything else, I dont like it at all.

    Last edited by chrishly; April 24th, 2008 at 06:56 AM.
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  18. #107
    Hey cool SB.. lots of goodies in here to feast on : )

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  19. #108
    nice gallery man
    i like your brush strokes.

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    Apr 2006
    hey dude, I really think you have got something great going here.
    has some great feeling to it and is really sharp, nice rendering as well.
    has a really nice feel to the colours, the hand is a little wonky but I live the expression.

    Keep it up!

    Vicious Pineapples
    Come, critique our art and help us grow!

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    Oct 2006
    South Africa
    Hey thanks for dropping by my book, you have strong stuff going here. That first PC painting of the bald tattooed dude is great, nice use of colour to create value. My one critique is your use of digital brushes - I'm recognising some some of M@'s brushes. You use them pretty well, but it's kinda like seeing the overhead mic dip into the frame of a movie - it spoils the whole thing and breaks the fourth wall.

    Cool things though, love where you're going! can't wait to see more

    Brendan Noeth

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    Dec 2005
    Zagreb, Croatia
    love the chimp

    I am glad that I can say that I don't drink, I don't smoke and I don't swear.

    Shit, I do drink and smoke.


    Tatooine Blog
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  23. #112
    Im in a hurry so this will be a quick one. Im joining the army next week so I guess there wont bee any updates the time Im in. But Ill try...

    had some problems adjusting the colors on my monitor. any tips whould be great

    Last edited by chrishly; July 2nd, 2008 at 10:14 AM.
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    Jun 2006
    tekirdağ in turkey
    wow cool jobs i like digital jobs they are clear and nice
    take care

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  25. #114
    Im in a hurry.

    trying to improve my environments. no reference used.

    Last edited by chrishly; November 18th, 2008 at 08:32 AM.
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    Aug 2006
    Poland //Where bears walk down the street
    this is awesome dude
    don't give up, keep posting

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  27. #116
    hey everyone!
    it's a while since I updated. but this time it was not because of my laziness, I just did not have time. I did my service in the Finnish Navy
    and I have been in there the last 9 months. And now I was finally released to civilian life, and damn it is nice.
    I have planned to launch this rotten thread (or perhaps create an entirely new thread). I really believe it will help me get started again.
    Hope it goes as I hoped

    Sketch > Thanks alot man! and thank u for the crit!

    RandAlThor > Thanks man!

    Coldrum > Thanks alot man! Im a big fan of your work!

    Loadepencil > thanks!

    Buckster > I apprecicate your speech.

    Brendan N > thanks man! yes, I used some of m@ts brushes and they really helped me out. I am of the same opinion as you ,
    I dont think I will be using them no more, at least not in any larger project.

    Miljenko > thanks man

    Destinyapocalypse > I apprecicate your comment.

    Mrpank > thanks man. no I wont give up, I promise!

    Some new stuff, mostly sketches:

    a painting I did for work.


    Last edited by chrishly; May 22nd, 2009 at 06:04 AM.
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  29. #118
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  30. #119
    Time to post again man Your yearly disappearance trick is due.

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