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    Low-Poly Sherrif

    Hey Guys - Not sure if I showed this or not, but this is a low poly game character I did. He's 2013 polys, with a 1024x1024 map for the body, and a 512x512 for the head. I'll get around to rigging and giving him a weapon when I get some free time.

    Low-Poly Sherrif

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    wow, that is good. I think you should get rid of one of the knee rips though. What game is this for by the way?

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    for a 1024 map for the body and a 512 for the head.. you could sure put a lot more detail in there...I would suggest shrinking the maps if you are going to keep him as is..

    One thing about him is he seems really washed out.. there doesnt seem to be any life in his texture.. Also it looks like you are pulling towards black for his shadows and white for his highlights.. you should instead use warm darks for his shadows and cool lights for his highlights..

    since he is 2013 polys, why dont you add in another couple polys and toss in some spurs or something.. also I would clean up your edges like on his gloves and the band around his hat..

    I think you could also spice up his scarf using a pattern overlay or something...

    Oh and I second getting rid of the rips in his jeans..

    looks pretty solid though.. just need to work on him some more... keep on truck'n


    PS. Why dont you post the textures.. maybe we can do some over paints to give you some ideas..
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