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    ++ ./ Tarot of the Damned Concepts - Updated 02.05 /. ++

    Hey CAers. January 3rd I had a brainstorm... I should really be doing work that is mine, work that makes me happy and stop trying to be a "fantasy artist." I wanted to do something that is closer to the work that has inspired me through the years. Hellraiser, KMFDM, Event Horizon, Lord of Illusions, Alien, Brom, NIN, The Matrix, HR Giger, etc. TotD was born.

    I have been concepting a 22 card Tarot set. Just the Major Arcana for those in the know. The project has become a fine art/character design process instead of a readable Tarot set. I am trying not to do "scenes" and still convey the core information with clothing, pose, attitude, etc. So far, I am at card 11... half way there. Each final idea has gone through a few revisions but it is cool to see them finally come together.

    Any feedback you have at this point would be excellent. The final cards will be full color illustrations with some of my design work thrown in, well..., just for the hell of it : )


    The actual sketches are about 2 1/2 x 3"

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    cool idea,

    i think you should do lots more thumbnails before you settle for a final comp for each card. Alot of the illos right now seem like they could be interchangable, they dont really represent the title of the card. I dont really know anything about tarot, so maybe thats why, but alot of em just seem to be vague sci-fi-ish character designs.

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    Cool. Try to include some more of the traditional quirky elements of the cards. But I like your reinterpretation of some of them, like the fool on the brink of death but not near a cliff and the bird instead of the dog. Actually, on further inspection, I seem more of the key characteristics. Or am I overthinking your choices? Look forward to seeing them finished.

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    Great idea. I'm liking many of the cards very much already. Especially the Hanged man, Wheel of time and the Magician. Others are great aswell, but as nephilim pointed out many of the images don't represent the title enough. At least I think so.

    Just keep working on it futher and one day soon I bet we'll see a great set of high class art.

    Cant wait to see how this develops.

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    Cool stuff going there. All I can say is what Nephilim already stated about how the images don't seem to represent their respective cards.

    Ideally, I'd say that one should be able to pick out which card is which without even looking at the title. Some of these you did good on (e.g. the Chariot and Hanged Man), but some others not so well (e.g. the Emperor especially, without the title I'd be completely lost as to what card he is).

    -My work can be found at my local directory thread.
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    nephilim - thanks. I have done a lot of additional sketches before settling on these, I just didn't post them because well, they suck : )

    To understand the differences I guess you would have to know the tarot a bit. The titles are not necessarily the main point of each card. But I can do some things to maybe make the meanings more obvious.

    bluefruitbowl - yeah you got it. I am trying to emphasize one or two keywords only without using any traditional tarot imagery. The empress for example is creation (birth) and the fool is open. I am toying with the idea of putting some of my keywords in the graphic design pass. Eiter way its been a fun project so far.

    Jazam - thanks I hope so too : )

    Anid Maro - Yeah, I guess I see where you guys are going with this. More obvious symbolism... like a crown and staff on the emperor or the lovers, um, getting it on : )

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    As you said, you want to get closer to stuff that inspires you; and you did!
    Concepts are really cool and they have a great potential.
    The only thing that could ruin it would be bad anatomy.
    I would maybe spend a whole day on the web searching for usefull reference - there's nothing wrong about it as long as you don't literally trace it. But even if you feel like tracing it, why not; as long as it's placed within your design and your initial idea. I sometimes use reference too, especially when i don't feel sure about anatomy or cloth. I look at my ugly face in the mirror or blow my muscles up, hoping that none will see me in that moment. You can ask someone to shoot a photo of you, making that same ridiculous poses you need. Nothing wrong about it.
    That's what i would do, if i were you. This is a very good start, so why spoiling it?
    I hope, this helped a bit. Let me know when you progress with those and i'll give my 2 cents again, if you want.

    Best regards and, once again, it's really cool that you try to satisfy yourself and not someone in this forum:)


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    i applaud your ambition and encourage your execution .
    the fool and strength are my two favorites so far, and for a crit the hierophant is doing nothing for me, i think that hes one of my favorite archtypes so maby i just expect more.

    you have allot of oppourtunity to fix the often"deal breaking" anatomy and perportions issues but these are thumbs so i dont want to be overly critical.

    i think the one sugestion i have is that each one aside from the fool and the strength is rest are really predictable and perhaps taken too literally, i would chalenge you to come up with more complicated and thought out metaphores for how you are displaying the meaning of the card beyond the interperation of the name. some people take tarot really seriously. to some its a novety and others its a important aspect of ther spirtuality, i would try to cater to the latter so you strive for your best results.

    have fun

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    Thanks Chupacabra! I am still obviously seeking some pointless validation, but hey, who isn't : ) I do really like it and thats all that matters.

    Yes I know my anatomy kung fu is weak. I will take the suggestion and shoot myself/friends for ref. Not until the concepts are complete though. These are just so I have a solid plan moving forward.

    Thanks again for you input.

    Android thanks for the kind words. Your favorites are my favorites too. They convey more emotion and concept I think than the others. But if I am being honest, I just really like leather, wires, masks, sawblades, spikes, etc. so some of it will be pretty straightforward. They can't all be great.. haha or maybe they can : )

    I have taken all of this feedback to heart and am pressing myself to push the concepts further. Some of the subtle metaphors are there but not the obvious "read" - back to the drawing board : )


    I will have updates again soon with new cards and new versions of some of these. Thanks again everyone who has left feedback.

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    I reworked the Emperor, although the original is still one of my favorite characters. He is now a little more arogant/confident and I put a crown of sorts around his head - its sci-fi, so it is just floating there. You guys like this better?

    Also the designs for Death and Temperance are ready for prime time. Death is pretty obvious I think. Temperance is about adjustment to your attitude/emotions - its hard to tell in the sketch but she has sensors reading her environment and she is "sucking" up tiles around her that will attach to her skin... some kind of weird active camo. Hopefully the final illustration will work out well : )

    Also, I am posting a color version of The Fool in the finished section. Thanks for looking - C&C welcome.

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