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  • Graphuji

    4 7.02%
  • goran

    15 26.32%
  • Larkin2

    1 1.75%
  • arttorney

    0 0%
  • evamonkeyn2

    3 5.26%
  • silliKONe

    17 29.82%
  • Marco Mazzoni

    21 36.84%
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    IDW 0030: Future Noir Transport [VOTING]

    Topic: Future Noir Transport

    Background: You've been asked to design a transport for a future noir game/film. After defeating one of the henchman the protagonist has to get to the secret (underground/underwater/in orbit) base. Design the vehicle to get him there, and specify how he obtains it.


    1. Design something to get the hero to the secret base.

    2. Future noir = film noir + future.


    IDW 0030: Future Noir Transport [VOTING]


    Mesdammes et Monsieurs je vous presente LA BETE NOIRE
    IDW 0030: Future Noir Transport [VOTING]


    IDW 0030: Future Noir Transport [VOTING]
    This car belongs to a corrupt politician. It is the only car allowed to pass unchecked into the high security bunker, and is the mode of entry chosen by the spy, who is attempting to expose the highly secretive work going on there.


    IDW 0030: Future Noir Transport [VOTING]
    "I put in a bypass circuit with a switch so I could cut the power to the guardhouse. Using the switch accomplished two things. First, the guard came running around to the utility box to see what happened. More importantly, any video feed to below was hopefully cut off. I had to subdue the guard without killing him, so when I briefly turned back on the power with my remote I could use his hand on the livescan actuator. I pushed him onto the gondola. The reception committee below would probably kill him when they shot up the gondola. These things can't be helped. I just hoped nobody saw me on a video camera, and they were stupid enough to send the whole reception committee up to the guardhouse when they found the dead guard. I planned to be on the other gondola because there was no way I could climb down into the facility with all that ice on the walls."


    IDW 0030: Future Noir Transport [VOTING]
    "Dis is a very beautiful machine Jimmy. Very nice."

    Uncomfortable silence

    "I spent fifteen years on the force Jimmy, and I could only dream about sumthin' like dis. But here you are, two years in and a dapper man about town Jimmy, a dapper fuckin' man. And when someone like you, like you used to be, a cop with nothing to lose, no family to worry about... is in the hands of the don mazulas, well... I have to wonder Jimmy, who the hell aint? You have to wonder about what's worth saving.

    "That's why im takin' these keys Jimmy. I figure, if I'm gonna go out, it's gonna be in style Jimmy.

    "It's all about style."


    IDW 0030: Future Noir Transport [VOTING]
    The secret base was over 15 light years away. Following my encounter with Spade Kang-Bido, I spent 6 months sifting through the gloam of Amstertown, looking for any passage to the faraway star system. No dice. The base was a secret base, after all, and no ordinary channels would get me there. One night during a rooster pit fight, my luck broke. A strung up Cake dealer, Snecky, was bragging about his 'business'. Told me about one of his customers that was 15 light years out that couldn't get enough of his stuff. He sent regular shipments via unregisterd freight pilots. Snecky didn't reveal the name of the ship, but after a few days of snooping around the sleazy maintenance docks, i found it. The 'Edna' wasn't much to look at. It might have been prettier on it's inaugural voyage, but had suffered from neglect and paid the predictable price. For me, it was a beautiful sight to behold. Two hundred meters down the runway, and this wonderful beast was going to bring me right to the doorstep of my enemy. The price? All the money I had in this world...and 15 years of my life stuck in a glass freezer tube. Revenge can be costly at times. I walked down the long gangplank, looking forward to a dish that was to be served so very cold.


    Marco Mazzoni
    IDW 0030: Future Noir Transport [VOTING]
    When the vehicle broke from the city's choking black fog, time seemed to stop. Orange cream clouds drifted across paint that had never before touched direct sunlight. Drake's hand eased off the throttle.

    They had escaped but their time together was rapidly fading. Shelly's breathing came in short, desperate bursts as her warm life continued to puddle into the grooves of the leather bench seat. The sunset reflected off her wet eyes and into his and the only words his mouth could form were, "Thank you".


    Not included: Phaethon, reason: WIP.
    Close to rejection: arttorney, reason: it's basically a box.
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    Voted for Marco Mazzoni. That's one badass noir transport.

    Everyone put in something unique in their designs. This is one awesome round!

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    Voted for goran, for me the best combination of design, future element and atmosphere. I'd appreciate C&C on mine if anybody has some.

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    voted for sillikone

    graphuji, i liked yours a lot, especially the details like the coffee mug stain on the image.

    I think all the entries were great, it was more a case that sillikones, in look and colour balance in the image especially, appealed to me the most.

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    voted for marco mazzoni. great painting and original design. i like the gold trim, and all those other 1930's-esque details you worked in. solid work!

    goran was a close second for me. as a poster, it kicks ass! i would have liked to have seen a closer view of the car/flyer design. but hey, great image. love that scratchy graphic novel style you are cultivating.

    graphuji, larkin2 - sweet ride designs!

    evamonkeyn2 - also a really cool design. very sexy. nice rendering work too. one thing - the highlights definitely add to the lustre of the smooth surface, but i might tone them down a bit in places so they dont distract your eye.
    my unsolicited 2 cents.

    good round everyone.

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    Heh, That's what I cal an even fight:

    goran 11 33.33%
    silliKONe 11 33.33%
    Marco Mazzoni 11 33.33%

    Great works.
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    Go Marco Mazzoni! You got my vote dude. I could of gone for some more texture work and or shine on the transport. Some highlights and specular junk. Maybe a smoother flow of the body --

    All in all sweet work.

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    Hey, thanks for the feedback. I definately agree about the lack of texture/shine. I might go back and give it another hour of polish just to please myself (boy, that could sound bad out of context)

    In the end I had to give my vote to silliKONe for not only presenting a quality drawing, but one that isn't a "hovercar". I know, I know, I'm guilty too... It's so easy to go for the emotional response of a car when designing a vehicle.

    Definately a good round

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