Topic: Resolve

Background: New Year's brings with it all those resolutions for the year. While they are made with good intentions, few are followed through. The people at bHappy Corp. feel that the world would be a much better place if everyone fulfilled their resolutions. This is where Resolve comes in - a means of encouraging people to go through with their resolutions.


1. Design something to monitor and 'encourage' the fulfilling of a resolution for the year.

2. It should monitor constantly to ensure compliance.

3. bHappy Corp feel that the ends justify the means.


IDW 0029: Resolve [VOTING]
Good Habit 9000


Are you stuck in a rut? Can't break that habit? Unable to complete even the simplest of tasks? what you need is


RESOLVE acts on the body through a system of negative reinforcement and guilt based objective lifestyle commentary! Comes with over 14000 preset comments but through our patented social fault detector your RESOLVE will adjust to your own personal input, focusing on the areas that get the most reaction from you! Its been designed to push your buttons, so family and friends wont have to! And its doubly useful if you have no friends!

And thanks to its sci 560 floater coil your resolve will always be with you, on the boat, at the barbecue,weeping softly under the stairs, you resolve will never tire! And with its nano reinforced plastic shell, you might break, but your RESOLVE never will! Working day and night to make sure you know what you have to change to become something resembling an acceptable looking human being!

IDW 0029: Resolve [VOTING]

And remember, without RESOLVE , your nothing!