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    Tips on learning to draw again?

    I realised something today: i have to throw away all my preconceptions of drawing. I've been drawing comic characters all my life, which contributes to getting proportions wrong. I draw details. I've always drawn details. That makes my drawing look caricature-like.

    So, tell me, how do i unlearn this? I know i have to practice, practice, practice, but what else, in conjuntion with my particular dilemma?
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    i also used to draw a lot of comic stuff, and anime stuff. i realized that i needed to move away from that and get more...well, realistic i guess. you need to start drawing from life all the time. if you go to art school take advantage of their figure drawing workshops. i go everytime i have the chance. this should help you a lot with proportions, and just seeing how the body moves and is put together. also, in terms of doing too much detailed work, just think "general to specific" as craig mullins says. just go for the general shapes at first, do not worry about detail. then slowly start adding in some refining details. i dunno if this helps any...and maybe i should listen to myself more, heh.

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    i also have this problem with drawing comicbook like characters and creatures. but unfortunately, i have not mastered the ink part of it where they put in the shadows and all the fine-line work. this is the kind of stuff i would like to do, though. the realistic stuff doesn't really appeal to me as far as my personal ideals of art go.. dont get me wrong, i love to see a great portrait of someone or an awesome creation of a would-be creature, but there's just something in that comic-book style that calls out for me to learn it. i guess i need to look this kind of thing up on the internet or something

    anyhow, best of luck un-learning things. the way i do it is to look at some still-life things and try to convert my drawing into that, so that when i draw from my head it comes out the way it's supposed to because i've re-trained myself in to drawing from life...

    i took an art class in highschool whenever i cuold squeeze one in and have been through massive dry spells in my art, so i'm running into a spot in my life where i have the motive to re-learn everything and more...the right way.

    this message board with all of it's colorful content is a huge inspiration to start getting back into things again. i posted one of my self portraits that i whipped up in photoshop and got a bit of a critique on, but that didn't bother me. i am more concerend with getting better for myself and then being able to make it happen in the spotlight.

    best of luck to everyone. this site has been a great help to me in finding the resources i've been needing for quite some time now..

    thanks to all of you who post your art and ideas. you make it possible for us wanna-be artists out there.

    - BB

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    hey - i'm in the exact same boat - since about middle school i've been trying to copy Joe Madureira's style, more or less, but w/o a formal art education all my art is just a little off - proportion problems, shading coloring problems, etc. What i've started to do is just draw - 30 minutes a day, no erasing, judt drawing, and drawing the figure in less-than dramatic poses - i think it's helping, but i sure could use some direction

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    Just a side note that is indirectly related. I used to copy comics, images and whatnot all the time when I was younger. Then all of a sudden I was not being challenged and moved onto bigger and better things, but I must confess that my ability to copy things from whatever, life and photos or whatnot was pretty fine tuned because of my younger experiences with spending hours copying lines when I was younger. Obviously there's no way for you to unlearn something, and there is no reason to, as everything you've learned collects into one massive resevoir where your experience helps you. So don't think about unlearning something, just move on, do something that challenges you. Oh and another thing, I love to draw stupid little cartoons, and I also love to draw very realistically, and when I'm doing life drawing in class, i don't draw bad just because i've drawn lots of cartoons

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    Moving on

    I think you need to think about what the product or figure is doing in space. Start with the figure more from the ground up like in a architecture building a building from the ground up.
    think of the lines going up to find points from the floor up
    as a building rises up.
    draw from anatomy books and real life.
    aso think about what the figure let say is in. for sid mead it the enviroment that a product in.
    think of the enviroment a car would be in the time of day etc.
    then put the product in then the figures.

    magazines are a cheap way to draw and sports section of a weekend newspaper.

    lot of artist start out drawing comics so your in good company.
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