Congratulations all for your work.

I'm not sure if the one from Nicola's is supposed to be finished or it is supposed to be that way, but it is still great. I really love the way the guy is painted and all the graphic elements in there.

Shelley Wan's is also great, it is a fabulous painting, reminds me some work I've seen here from Jon Foster that I really loved. One thing I think is strange is the knife the fat guy has in his mouth, seems like a kitchen knife with black plastic handle!

Icon's piece is very nice too, but I think it could be more colourfull and contrast more. Also for the complexity of the image I think it would gain if it were presented at bigger size. Also in terms of composition I don't think a tentacle e every corner of the image works well.

Vyle's entry is the one I like least, it has some very nice details and is very well done, but it doesn't appeal much too me. Sancho(?) bothers me, as well as that photomanipulation look, even though I have seen some great stuff you've done that way, but I don't like of how it worked here.

Poshspice's image is also great and funny, really well done and painted as usual. I don't like so much all those neons, but I guess it is part of the idea.

Fantastic work everybody.