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The shape of Shelly's piece is usually used for murals in arches over a door, I think.
I was thinking it was for oriental folding fans, like a japanese war fan. What it is, is absolutely gorgeous! I can't stop looking at it myself. (Looks like Arky was right).

I really appreciate Aly's work also. It's a clever idea and nice continuation with her subject matter (pin ups). The rendering of all the little objects in her pics is what always gets me. They're all carefully done and positioned nicely. Always great rendering.

Icon and Vlyes ideas, also clever. Icon's choice for lighting is what I always like. I also like the skulls in the sky giving that story a little more dimension.

I aboslutely love Nicolas' clothes designs! He's a great pro, awesome rendering/lighting... but his design aspects that get me. Awesome job man!