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    all the work is insane, probably the best pieces i have seen in a thunderdome yet.

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    Oct 2004
    Shelly, will you marry me?


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  4. awesome i love all these entries. My fav foes to Icon.
    Good job on getting in the finals guys!!!

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    oh snap!!!!
    I'm not counting chickens before they're hatched, but Im pretty sure I lost....

    Shelly your piece is so amazing!! the lighting is gorgeous, the love for detail....everything. Hats off!
    the rest of the gang, you guys are crazy too...Posh, my jaw dropped when I saw yours! Vyle, splendid Idea (why didnt i think of that... must steal his brain), Icon, gotta love tentacles and Merwoman ^^

    before I get any cheap shots on the stick figures / kid drawing (ya, Im looking at you M@ ).... I started this piece when the topic was announced, some weeks ago- then a work load came in and there went my time...BUT something was missing, so I was joking a round with a friend, and we were like "wouldn't it be totally retarded if I did like a kids drawing or something, as the army?"... and the more I thought about the more I liked the Juxtapositioning.... anyway, thats my exscuse and Im sticking to it ^^

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    I have to petition for Aly...

    The biggest fuckin travesty of the world is Aly is not in the fucking CA banner. I may be coming off like a fan boy...but, seriously if you look at his look at the facts of his profession...again, you look at his work...

    Bloody hell.

    Aly, if you don't crush the competition in this final, you were robbed. I love Shelly's, I love Icon's, I love Nic's, I love Vyle everytime I go down to Austin...well...not seriously, Vyle's is my number two in this round.

    Aly, hats off. You are fantastic, and so is your art.

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    I totally agree with Sundance on the banner bit.....

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    Congrads to all you guys and gals, you make me make tears. This is simply a stunning round.

    Nicolas - Your piece is sweet man, I really dig the simple kid drawings. Sometimes it doesn't work, but for this it's a nice addition. Good show -

    Shelly - OHHHHHH MY GGOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDNEEESSSSSSS! I know there are tons of people wanting to have your children, I just want to tell you how amazing your work is. This piece, amoung is incredible, I hope you take us on a journey of how the beauty was born. As I've traveled through your portfolio, I just keep drooling all over my keyboard, I'm suprised it still works. Keep this up, and keep amazing us.

    Icon - another person I'm a huge fan of. Lovely piece as usual, the central figure is so very powerful. The figure on the bellouga whale I feel kinda brings a hault to the motion, but I'm still stunned

    Vyle - lovely piece too, dude. your handling of saturation and texture is lovely. I think after looking at the previous it feels a bit bare, but the story is a nice one to follow (and a little sad, poor donkey). Great job and Congrads!

    Posh - nice take on the topic and a very signature piece. The pink shoes are definately a nice touch. Congrads on giving us a good show!

    - Visions

    Last edited by Mr. Visions; January 23rd, 2007 at 02:22 AM.
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    Wow, what a finale! Great job, everyone!

    Jeez, real jaw-droppers

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    whoa awesome work guys!

    "I watch everything I hate I love everything"
    sketchbook thread
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    I wrote down a little list of all the definitions of 'charge' and after a chat with Matt Dixon, this was the direction it went, so thanks to him for some inspiration.

    Truly outstanding work, all of it, and I can't believe I'm actually here! Just feels weird...

    Sundance.... hold me...

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    this was one heck of a final round. Way to go EVERYBODY! (especially Nic and Shelly)

    Andrew Murray
    Concept Artist, Tencent Boston
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    They all blow ma mind!

    EDIT: Shelly is TEH SH*T!

    Last edited by amer-nazri; January 23rd, 2007 at 05:27 AM.
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    so hard to pick a favorite... every single one has a different style and are well made

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    Wow. Well done to everybody - but I have to say I lurrrrve that Bride of Frankenstein. She's gorgeous and its one of my favourite pieces of work I've ever seen on CA.

    Good luck for the results.

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    Sick! Just sick. Every piece shines in their own unique way but it was love at first sight with Shelly's piece. Great work everyone!

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    Beautiful pictures everyone!!

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    OH snap...

    SHelly Wan Power BOmb!


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    Fantastic set of images! Best LMS round yet!

    I've gotta echo lots of other peeps and go for Aly or Shelly for Champ! (Go Aly! Wooo!) Shelly's is beautifully painted and the mural is a clever trick for the 'Charge' theme (and i have been working on a promoCD recently and i thought it looked just the right shape for printing on a teehee), but Aly's really made me smile, it's technically brilliant and there's just so much to look at..... Whoever wins, get him on the banner conceptart!!

    Big bonus points for Nicolas and his brave stylistic approach (gorgeously graphic as usual), Some lovely painted bits in Icon's piece and i'm a sucker for anything related to Don Quixote so Vyle's has a lot of appeal.

    Good luck to the judges....

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    London, England
    One word to sum these up would be, 'Wow'.

    My personal faves are PoshSpice's and Shelly's entries. Incredible!!

    But good work everyone, you all rawked it good and proper!!!

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    wow, great variety in these entries... all are such high quality! I can't decide a winner, and I don't envy the judges... i must say though... I find myself lost in shelly wan's entry... my eyes are just flying around the image, back and forth and around and behind... just an incredible image. thunderdomes are the shit.. this made my day

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    Hot. Damn.

    These are all superb, but Shelly has officially knocked my socks off. Seriously. Has anybody seen them, cause I want them back

    "Every little step considered one at a time is not terribly daunting" - Ethan Coen

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicolas
    before I get any cheap shots on the stick figures / kid drawing (ya, Im looking at you M@ )....
    Hey, I love them!

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    Cicely, Alaska. one day.
    can I say Un-fucking-believable?
    ho. ok.


    hot CRAZY damn.
    pld: pld: pld:

    We all pay for life with death, so everything in between should be free.
    -Bill Hicks

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    verry, verry, nice.

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    pld: pld: pld:
    OH MY GOD !
    All five are five stars masterpieces !!!
    Without knowing the name of the winner congrats to everybody for this awesome pictures !!!

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    oh my god... they did not save anything for desert. pfft.
    25 stars spread them evenly..

    shelly wan's piece is amazing, design and execution, you also gotta love david's style and lighting.
    icon's piece has an amazing story, poshspice's has a beautiful interpetation for the theme.
    nicolas oh so funny.

    good luck folks, all the best.

    Last edited by warpy; January 23rd, 2007 at 07:02 AM.
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    Wow, a fantastic final... got to go outside and ctach some air...

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    superb... and and and.... fecking brilliant!!

    I have to say I was also immediately struck between the eyes by Shelly's, but I always love me Aly's works, and Vyle's is magnificent, as is Icon's and Nic's.... DAMN!

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    Wow! That’s one very strong final.
    Fantastic work all, pats on the back all round.

    The scrawny white sketchbook ring
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    wow ! ! I love how much incredible artwork has been produced throughout this
    Dome, this round including. Maybe an idea for another calender?

    anyway, while my vote went out to Nicholas in most of the previous rounds, I
    gotta say Shelly Wan's piece steals my heart in this round. That illustration is
    extremely beautifull. excellent in its execution, lovely colors and mood, nice drawing. I would definately buy a print of this!

    Congratulations to everyone fleshing out such beautiful illustrations ! !

    "There is no such thing as 'accurate drawing'. There is beautiful
    drawing, and ugly, and nothing else." JAD Ingres, Ecrits sur l'art
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