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    Calarts: A Place Where I Can Go, If I Could Afford it! Any Advice??

    Hi all,
    Basically, first i need to figure out if i can ultimatley afford the character animation course, as i worked out that for tuition and fees accumulated over four years using this years fees as a guide, it would eventually cost me around $160,000. I really am dedicated to going there, and have been for quite a few years, since i discovered the college. And now is the time i can finally step forward and try and achieve this goal, but this amount of money really is a big hurdle for me.

    I know it's a bit personal, but i was just wandering how any of you are going about paying the fees, or any information or ideas you have heard about paying them from fellow students. I am British however, so things like federal aid is not an option for me, but any advice, be it from a local student or not from the college is muchly appreciated (as advice from colleges themselves tend to be bias and systematic)?

    Also, do you use or know of any private sponsers? As, at current based on my own research, this unfortunatley is the only major option for me in financial aid?

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    I'd see what cheaper community college classes you can take now would transfer over to CalArts and take them. Aplly for as much Financial Aid as you can get your hands on and let the financial aid folks there know you're VERY short on cash. I'm sure you're not the first one to fall into that boat so maybe they know of something on or near campus that can help you out. Possibly on campus work study could help. But if you're really that driven and hell bent on going there, it might come down to the fact that you're not going to graduate there in four years... it might come down to you attending, taking a year off to work (save up everything) and then go back.

    There are ways of achieving the ends; sometime the means might not be the most direct route though.

    Good luck!

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    I Studied at calArts--MFA--2004--World Music Performance

    Hi I studied at CalArts--Finished my two year MFA--Earned 64 Credit Units in FASTER tempo.
    I Ended up being in Huge student loans, but it is Worth that.
    Don't miss out on CalArts because you can't pay Fees. you--if you are an American Citizen and if you are REALLY talented must work towards "Asking for FULL Scholarship from the Specific Department and ask for Work Study as well" Keep asking till they give you--is the MAXIM.
    I got Almost total Scholarship being a Professional Musician, well established in my Art, from India..was very difficult to even Muster four K a year to pay out of a Total of 29-33 K a year.
    Love n Light
    Jagan Ramamoorthy

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