Hi forum people!

I'm a Product and Graphic designer located in Melbourne, Australia. I have an urgent job for a prompt, reliable, professional illustrator who specialises in comic book/Manga style animal/human hybrid character design and development. I'm after someone mature and professional - no High Schoolers please.

The style I'm after is I guess kind of manga inspired, but the characters ( Theres 5 ) I think should be humanoid based. That doesnt mesn they can't take on the characteristics of their animal background ( Yellow Kirin, White Tiger, Blue Dragon, Red Phoenix, Black Turtle ), but they have to be largely humanoid.. I'm after dynamic, heavily armed, ready for battle characters that are very dark future/sci fi. I will email more info if you're an eligible candidate.

The client is based in the sporting goods industry, so that has to be kept in mind too as we're dealing with the 15-25 demographic.

If that sounds like something that you're suited to, please send your resume and some examples of your work to me here at wgdesign@ihug.com.au. If you don't do the style I'm after PLEASE do not email me.