Icebreaker - technical feedback

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    Icebreaker - technical feedback

    Hi guys, I figured posting here could help me get better, first time i'm doing any serious digipaint work with a tablet, second time I color anything, and I really want to improve, so here goes.

    My ship concept has already changed, so this is just a technical exercise before I get to working out the final paintings. Exactly why I want comments on what to improve in terms of technique, what tools to use best, etc...
    Here' where I am now:

    I'm not satisfied with the clouds: no depth and the form is unnatural. Also there is still a lot of work to be done on mainly the snow and ice covering it as, well as details to the ship itself.

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    Well...what are you using for reference? I mean this might be obvious to you but I would look at real ships and real clouds and pay attention to what kind of noise is going on irl there...

    The biggest thing I notice is the lack of contrast and color depth.

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    Yeah, reference would be useful. Once you know more about the subject matter, you will have a lot better imaginative works. The same rule applies to us all.

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    I'm a little confused with where exactly the ship rests in the water. I mean, I know where it should be but at the current state it's almost an illusion.

    As for clouds, something I struggle with as well - It's seems here that we are looking at clouds way off in the distance due to their flat 2d quality - clouds on the horizon if you will. If you take a peak at some references (which isn't cheating or even crutches by the way, it's smart ) you will see clouds above and all around, despite their complex and chaotic forms they do follow the same rules of perspective as everything else.


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