Who doesn't love dragons?

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    Who doesn't love dragons?

    Something I started just so I was drawing and doing something and to try and improve coloring...cuz I'm horrible at coloring...and backgrounds. Any advice, crits, comments much appreciated. And thanks for just dropping by and taking a look.

    a bit of an update

    and Hulk...cuz he's the Hulk

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    cool dragon! It´s a pity that the wing doesn´t allow us to view the complete pose. If you could get the whole pose into the canvas that would be a huge improvement to the picture.
    There´s also something strange in the way the neck grow bigger as it approaches to the head. I think it should be the opposite; the smaller part near the head while the bigger one near the body.


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    Elpez is right about the neck. The viewing angle isn't extreme enough for foreshortening to have that much of an effect, especially since the neck would likely have a wider base at the shoulders and thin out as it gets closer to the head.

    Also the dragon's tail and left wing (the wing closest to us) need more detail. Since they both move into the foreground and are closer to the viewer, the details on both should be clearer and more plentiful. In addition to details, the edges for both the tail and wing are too fuzzy, try making more defined edges.

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    sharpening up the details would be really good too... same thing about the kneck

    Over all though the dragon is a beautiful piece thus far

    And hulk looks very bad ass, though his head seems a bit big for his body.

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