Hey! I'm kind of new to all of this and still, I'm attending a CG-school in Sweden. We are currently working on a character concept that we later on will model and import into Unreal Tournament 2004. This is my first draft:

Now I want all of you to give me all the critique you can give! It is supposed to be some sort of a post-apocalyptic sniper. The gas-mask is far from done (everything else as well but at least a little more done than the mask) but please come with suggestions of detail and so on. I also want some coloring/shading-advice! For example: How do I create the "waves" in the coat (leather) and such. I'm such a noob at this and I would be extremely greatful for any good advice!

If you need some explanation on something then please ask! I really wanna get into this now! =)