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    Sorry killing.people....I know...all those stupid links are broken. Image magician all the sudden said everyone had 2 weeks to pay for their stuff and then it was stupid. I am working on a website that shows all my progress so hopefully that will be up sometime soon. Sorry about that. Thanks for stopping by every once in a while...I feel like I am not moving along at all so it's good to have encouragement.

    jester and cucaracha - no worries...I like talking about stuff like this in my thread...I agree with both of you guys. I do agree that Loomis makes objective figures that don't have much life to them at all...but that's just one style...a lot of comic book artists adapt that style...some don't...just a matter of difference. I think one can also take the loomis information and use it as a springboard for fuller expression. If you know that Loomis has a tendency to restrain people than you can keep yourself away from it. Bridgman's figures have a lot of life to them but they are very stylized. I tend to like bridgman's aesthetic a whole lot more but that's just me. For now I just need to learn the stinkin muscles hehehe...I can't even worry about expression at this point...I can't even draw it right yet.

    This is me trying to learn anatomy...hard stuff:

    Name:  Anatomy%201.jpg
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    Name:  Anatomy%202.jpg
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    Name:  Anatomy%203.jpg
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    Name:  Anatomy%204.jpg
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    Name:  Anatomy%205.jpg
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