Storm Pay for crying out loud!!!

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    Storm Pay for crying out loud!!!

    I don't know if anyone else is having trouble with the storm pay donation bit. Holy crap that thing is a pain in the wazoo and I'm not interested in streamlining it by setting up an account. I would imagine this would deter a lot of folks. So to the admin, MAKE IT EASIER, get a paypal thing setup. Lot's more people already have paypal or can easily setup an account.

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    Unfortunately i have to agree, Paypal is the most common option. =/

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    we arent using paypal because of issues we've had with them in the past.
    Layil wrote this in the T-shirt thread. I don't know what the issues were, but maybe that's why they aren't using it for the donation thing?

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    we will set up a different option...having issues with both systems..paypal is totally out as we had horrible experiences with that company.

    we will set something else up and check into why stormpay is not working.


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    Could you not set it up in the CA store?
    Instead of purchasing a physical item just purchase a donation.

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    Have you tried
    The Wikimedia Foundation does use this service. So it can't be that bad.

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    Well, I´d certainly like to know what the Problems with paypal were because I never had any. Worked like a charm everytime. Any it is one that doesn´t need a credit card. And before I incorporate paypal for my own business I am certainly interested for info about paypal f*ck ups.

    And @Jason: Please keep in mind that there a struggling artist out there that are not possessing a credit card when comming up with a new donation option.


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