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    Help on improvement

    'Ello all,

    I wouldn't really call myself beginning artist and pretty much got the basics of drawing animals (whether real-life or fantasy) down. But I feel I'm not nearly good enough in what I'm doing and I read many great and helpful comments in these threads. So I'd like to ask the same thing for these pictures. I was going to post this in the work-in-progress topic, but I'm more looking for critique rather than just helping on coloration and such. Please don't consider these sketches as pictures that took me only 5 minutes or so.. The dragon may not look like it, but I tried (in a sketchy manner) to pay good attention as to where the lightsource would be and how it would be shaded..

    The dragon image is one I've done in one of the online sketchers of ArtGrounds ( , but their site is currently down).

    The griffon image is a request. The characters were given and it was up to me how I would picture them together. And this was what came out.

    Feel free to say whatever comes to your mind, I will consider everything helpfull and try to learn from it!

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