Monster-Cartoon to Realistic

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    Monster-Cartoon to Realistic

    Well, this is my first real from my mind monster creation. I need a little help, but didn't want to post this in the help thread because it isn't finnished. Well. I wanted to make him look scary and realistic, for a concept alien, however, he came out cartoony and a little bit strange. Any suggestions on how to make him better would be greatly appreciated.

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    Starters, texture, muscle form, shading, add form to things. Facial features are a great and focus on the eyes. If theres anything that makes something come to life its the eyes, we are always drawn to eyes. The more realistic they look the better, whether its a humans, reptiles, birds, etc, donsnt matter, just work on the eyes.
    Give it form and depth. Right now it looks 2D, giving it shadow's and the body form will help it along way. Use real life animals as refrence. Your picture looks reptilian, so get pictures of lizards, snakes, croc's etc and use them to your advantage.

    Background also helps out a lot.

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    Will do... Thanks a ton for the help. Also, I was wondering how do you create a scaly texture in Photoshop or just with painting, a realistic one preferably. Because I want to make his back plating and some of the arms and front to be scaly, however I am not sure how to do that realistically.

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