If you are in southern california and are wanting to improve your work, Marshall Vandruff has his composition course coming up. Quite a few of us have studied under him already and his students include some really big names...justin sweet..puddnhead..bernie wrightson...and more. Here is the info.

Marshall Vandruff offers COMPOSITION CRASH-COURSE, Jan 8-10, 6-10 pm
At Fullerton College in Fullerton, CA
To register visit http://www.marshallart.com

Three concentrated sessions will show you the principles of composition that great
masters use, and their foundations in nature. These lectures began in 1989 as a
semester-length course that has grown into a popular seminar taken by hundreds of
students from beginners to professionals. Read about it at

“One of the most important classes I've ever taken." —Justin Sweet, Illustrator, Concept
Artist for NARNIA films

“One of the most respected teachers of this topic in the Los Angeles area." —LA Academy
of Figurative Art

“After four years at a prestigous art college, Marshall introduced me to important
concepts I'd never before encountered... the concepts I think about every time I sit down
to do a painting." —Chris Appelhans, Visual Development Artist for MONSTER HOUSE

Marshall is also teaching seminars in January on ARTISTIC TEMPERAMENTS & ACHIEVEMENT and
THE CREATIVE PROCESS. See his website and sign up for his mailing list for more info.