returning to painting and drawing

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    Smile returning to painting and drawing

    hello folks!
    after a long time of a break in painting and drawing, I finally finish college and now I'll have my evenings free to study it.

    Let me show my last 2 sketches and attempt to paint...

    first this at art rage:

    and this unfinished attempt to painting at photoshop

    I'm using a Genius mousepen 5x4" tablet..
    now I have some questions for you:
    1- what's the size of the canvas you people use to paint and how many DPI's for it?
    2- Refine the painting still gives me nightmares, I do not know what tool to use, if a small brush or the smudge tool, of whatahell....

    well, I'm performing some researches of techniques and looking for references now....
    bye bye

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    I use a canvas the size of the final pic (nothing biger then 1000x800 pixels to fit a normal screen) and downsize it only slightly
    for details just zoom at 200% and use smaller brushes

    1st pic: I like it
    2nd pic: the facial propotions are off
    I recommence

    my sketchbook
    friends Sketchbooks:Dile_, Stine
    my flickr go there if you want to see my photography stuff

    <mildly sarcastic remark that seems a little cutting at first read, but contains wisdom and is really rather funny>

    Ilaekae: "I'm sick and tired of "purists" who dictate their own anal preoccupations to everybody else as the word of gods."
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    thanks for the links, I loved it!

    another sketch just for keep hands and brain busy..

    made in art rage

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