I need an SSG - and bad. The one I'm in now is more/less completely inactive and my sketchbook has been pretty unpopular the past few months, kinda discouraging. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE someone accept me into your ssg. I NEED IT! Scanner access is questionable, so although I do have pencil sketches I can't post them, but I do have a tablet, which I put to use as often as possible, and I do try to get around to other peoples sketchbooks and threads when I can. This is a huge community full of dedicated and skilled artists, so I'm begging you guys. I just want to be part of a good SSG.

P.S. the comments about my ssg mates before going inactive isn't a knock on them, because I know that most of the members are too busy with their own personal affairs to post, so it's nothing personal against them.