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    This noble noobie needs your help...

    First of all thanks to everyone for the best art site in the web (best that i know at least). Is exttremely important to have a place to be in contact with people with the same tastes and interests of one (although these people are thousands of lightyears ahead in those same interests and tastes).
    You see great stuff, you ask questions and they answer ( i hope...) and it is for free!, than you all.

    Now, the question is the next one:

    Ivbe been drawing since my childhood, like everyone here, but i havnt ever thout about art like a real way of life until a year ago, more or less.
    i know that i have to improbe a very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, big lot. but im going to try it as hard as i can, oh yes sr.
    So i have to practice for a few decades...with a lot of enthusiasm of course.

    Well, this is the question: could you give me some advices, recomendations, about my work place?; do i need a working place, a "study", or considering that im just practicing, a board over my legs while sitting in my bed will be enough?.
    Would i have to buy a special table and put a lamp in the middle of the floor, or the light form the windows is ok?.

    I dont know if im making myself clear: would you recomend me to invest some effort on building and/or equipping an apropiate place for working before i start my practice?.

    Well, thats it, i´ll be awaiting for your kind answers (please!)!

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    It would be nice to have a studio filled with books and still lives in which to practice art, but it's by no means necessary. When I draw, it's usually on the couch or on the computer, or sometimes just on the floor. So, my advice is to not spend your hard-earned money on something that isn't completely necessary, especially since, as you said, it'll be a while before your art career takes off.
    Just two cents from someone in a similar situation, art-wise.
    Oh, and welcome to CA.

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    first, i should say I'm no pro, but no beginner either, I got my small share of experience in the art business, no more.

    this is really different from person to person, you need to find out what's the best way for you to learn and how and where and when, this don't mean that there's no advices of course!
    one thing you can try out is getting a place where you draw, just somewhere where you know you should only draw, nothing else don on that place except art, so you concentrate on just that when you sit at this place. this should also be a relaxed environment, where you can draw without finding to much distraction, and where you can find your peace, where you don't think about the pressure you or other people sets on your progress. I know that parents can be a pain in the ass when you try to sit down and draw, they can certainly make you feel the pressure, this was just an example, there are more things that can set pressure on your art progress.
    That place can be on the floor, in the bed, in an atelier, in school, whatever, the import thing is that it gives you comfort for your thoughts and body.


    Even if it might not be the most comfortable place always, this will improve your skills, because you need to think of solutions to solve problems. In your "comfortable spot" everything is perfect and the conditions are as great you can manage it to be. Going away from that to other places let your mind work a bit more, or setting itself to another mode, it make you confront difficulties.


    As you already stated, being in contact with people of similar interests is important, it gives you motivation, inspiration, a feel of belonging, challenges, practice, education, and much more. Everyone can't have that gigantic drive, sometimes we just need a gentle push in the right direction right? or in some cases a slap in the face.
    your local environment can also help a lot, even if the people aren't that pro illustrator you want to have critiques by, they have their way to tell you what they feel about your art, ideas how you can learn more, etc.
    Having critique from one that doesn't look at much art, or have lesser experience with art or whatever, perhaps a friend of yours.
    When they give you their ideas of your art in their view of things, those comments are often the real pearls, if they're true to their thoughts of course and speak up what their head and hearts are telling them.
    This is a problem with family, they got a hard time criticizing you, most often.
    They just say it's great and that you are the best in the world and stuff like that. Also friends might be like this sometimes, because they don't want to hurt your feelings. In both cases it might work to just talk to them, saying you want their earnest critique, but it should be brought in a constructive way, so that you can learn of it. And tell them that you're not going to be hurt or upset of whatever they say about your art.
    Important notice: stick to that, don't get angry at them after, then the whole thing is quite ruined ey?

    As for material tips

    One thing that I like having on my work desk is a board in an angle, so you don't get those stretched pictures, there are also special desks that you can tilt (expensive!).
    I myself don't like simple yellow lights, they don't correspond at all with the light i get from the window. so cool lights is better I think, at least for color work. and btw it's really hard to lit a painting in a good way.

    Maybe I talk to much...
    I hope at least you get something out of this.

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    You might get something out of this "Who has a proper studio?" thread from a while back.

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    Very kind from you both, now things are more clear.
    I found particulary intresting the one of working in a place that is exclusive for that, working, and nothing else. Good one Failoniir!.

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    Just going to reiterate what Failoniir has already said: finding a place that is exclusive to work is a must. You don't need expensive art supplies ora an extravagent studio until you are able to afford that and are in a full art career that will demand that you use all of that.

    For me, personally, I go into my bedroom, close the door, put on some music (relaxing, motivational, etc) to get my mind in the mood and my body in the shape/mood to begi sketching. I put the sketchbook on the bed and the laptop right beside it and go to work (I have a few ebooks that I reference from). I have a lot of distractions in the house that interrupt me when I get right in the mood of drawing (little cousin, autistic cousin, older people) and it can get bothersome when you are completely isolated mentally and just want to work on sketching. I tend to take a break here and there also to relieve some pressure by walking outside, drinking plenty of fluids, and talking to others and maybe watching TV. Like Failoniir stated, there are diverse environments for you to get work done, you just have to find them.

    As of right now, I have the laptop beside the computer desktop and my sketchbook in my lap. You can never be too sure when you get a sudden urge to sketch something and you're out of that comfort zone. Learn to embrace it and be able to adapt that space into a work area, even if it's just quick moment or so.

    Hope that helps...

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