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Thread: Happy Birthday ZORD!!! Happy Birthday <FAE>!!!

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    Red face Happy Birthday ZORD!!! Happy Birthday <FAE>!!!

    Happy Birthday ZORD!!! Happy Birthday <FAE>!!!

    So with that said, here are some birthday wishes for two of my dear friends here on CA!:
    shall start with <fae> because she hates sexist stuff and i really like to bug her: "Ladies first"
    <FAE>-->BIG YELLOW Birthday Wishes for You, Tammy!!! Just so you guys know, she's one of my dear CATL Sketch Group cohorts from even before the very inception of the fetal cow. I remember seeing you walk up to the first CATL meeting lugging around a kitchen sink, two suitcases full of art supplies, and a huge pad of newsprint. It was really impractical for you to lug your FLAT FILE and the 40x60" drafting table there, but you did it anyways. If my old rotten-ass brain servers me correctly, it seems there were also skittles involved And now after all this time has passed and the CATL Sketch Group enters its TERRIBLE TWOS you're also one of my best friends. (building you up...) Awww shucks! Although you complain about a lot of shit,(...and spikin' your ass back down to earth like papa smurf) the work ethic i see you actively living leaves so many of us in the dust. Doing art professionally WELL before your 21st birthday, and rocking a very sophisticated style that is so uniquely yours. Alright... Stein. and trev. baked me into this damn cake yesterday afternoon and i'm just ready to get out of it. I STILL have to wait a whole frigging day to bust out of here. i'm not happy about that at all. seriously thos, if you keep up the great progress, you're gonna be a total rockstar in a couple of years, i just know it! all the best on your special day!

    ZORD!!!, aka JOHNNY DOOM, aka SUPER-MEGA-DOOM-ZORD, aka the GRAND SAUCE SUFFIX ANNEXER, aka REDRUMING ASS ON THE WHEELS OF STEEL and taking names--> "Now i'm gonna be twenty two, i said 'oh my' and uh, uh 'boo hoo'" You sir, are an insomaniac right now, and its so impressive that you got it together and went out there! And on the real: since the YUL workshop your stuff has gotten better in leaps and bounds. i know you've been frustrated with some of the b.s. up in r.i., but also that righteous indignation you're feelin is keeping the artistic fire burning bright. Did you see your picture in oblio's video? Think you were laughing at something, my best conjecture would be that maybe you were amused at the fire breathing dancer on top of his weirdo helmet. So i really appreciate all the heads up on the musics and isht, it's great to find a friend with similar tastes and a real desire to seek out good, inspiring material. I really hope that your birthday in San Fran is a total funhouse--> ATTENTION INSOMANIACS: IF YOU KNOW EL ZORDO / JOHNNY DOOM BE SURE TO CELEBRATE WITH and EMBARRASS HIM real good for his birthday! Like, foam hats or some shit and thrown pies, singing homely waitresses or swan dives into olympic sized ball-pits. Seriously: Buy him a nice stiff drink and send me the bill. Your guggen-credit voucher will arrive in 6-8 weeks. all the best dooooood be sure to BuRN SF down!

    k so that's enough ridiculous rambling. there's "Big Deal Almond Brittle Imitation Ice Milk" for the celebration!!!
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    Happy birthday you two.

    Johnny, it was great to meet you! Love the CA gang sign.
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    Happy birthday both of you! Hope you had an awesome time in SF, Zord brother.
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    congrats.. make it count - JAG
    it's only after you've lost everything, that you're free to do anything..
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    happy birthday, insane post gugg ;P
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    ...haha... read it last night, but couldn't bring myself to post a reply immediately.

    thanks, gugg. you rock. i hope you feel better soon. thx for offerin' up your place for our fun stuff on friday, and sorry it resulted in you getting sick =(. Maybe it was NoFinger's beer...

    Anyway, that's quite the birthday shout out, and really makes me sound much better than I am, but I appreciate the catl-luuuuuuuuv

    Happy birthday to you, Zord =). I think I'm stealing from your thunder, since I would guess that more people coming across this know who you are than who I am
    Last edited by fae; December 18th, 2006 at 02:49 PM.

    ~chasing whims is not always a waste of time~

    sketchjunk thread give me a MOO!!!–CATLsketchgroup

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    Happy birthday Tammy, you are already a rockstar to me.
    You could power half of the city with the amount of energy you give off. Thank you for being an awesome friend

    Zord, Happy B-Day
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    ;p happy belated birthday to the both of you! Zord I hope you had a good time in San Fran
    ¡Que Viva El Concept Art Atelier!



    [ Sketchbook! (old) ]
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    man,happy birthday zord! hopefully we'll meet in italy again

    Sketchbooks of inspiration:
    Marc Taro|Maxetormer|ZhuZhu|Jeri|Dobu]

    Always think about:
    lighting! design! perspective! proportion!
    And (self)motivation is still everything.
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    Happy Birthday Tammy & Zord

    Hope you both have a great birthday!

    old sketchbook... new sketchbook...under construction
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    yay happy birthday

    nice hanging wid ya at the workshop zord
    never updated sketchbook

    hopefully weekly updated blog
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    Oh wow... Guggenguggenguggen, what would I do without your crazy ass???

    Much thanks to everyone commemorating the day I burst into the world! on the forums and off. We did it up in style in San Francisco, and I even got made fun of by a bartender. I couldn't ask for a better group of friends to share all of this with, makes a 78 year old man shed some tears.

    Happy birthday to you too, FAE!!

    PEE ES, just got back in tonight and I miss everyone already...
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    haha zord it was wicked awesome meeting you mate, much love was shared, and i hope you kept the party going well after i left! happy B-Day mate,


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