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    No Thread on Apocalypto?

    I figured there would be atleast a little one going, but a search only turned up old threads about Mel Gibsons personal silliness. Anyway, I went to see it last night and thought it was an awesome movie. There are a few scenes where you think to yourself "ok that was a bit gratuitous" but for all the hoopla about how bloody this movie is I thought Braveheart was far more violent. However the costuming and makeup was incredible. All the different tattoos and peircings and painted bodies are really incredible and I thought the sacrificial scene was totally enthralling. One thing that the move doesn't really do though is explain anything about the Mayans...and it is a little questionable that a guy who lived a day and a half march from the city would have never even heard of it. I also thought the score was really amazing, and will make a nice addition to my work music. Anyway, go check out the movie, then go home and draw some crazy tattooed folk. :-) a PS, The movie did actually make me want to look up and read more about the Mayan society and culture. I know a little, but mostly just bits I've seen on the discovery channel. So I suppose the movie did, atleast for me, do history some good, in that it got me to dig a little deeper into something I'm not that well informed on.
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    that's cool. I might check it out next weekend.

    that's whats great about period pieces. they make you develop a deeper interest in the subject matter far beyond the movie. after i saw "saving private ryan" i gobbled up anything related to world war 2, which influenced me to major in history when i went to college.

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    I was really expecting it to be more violent then it was. Taking into account movies like Saw and other hack and slash stuff, this movie is nothing. The only scene that made me cringe was the scene where the Jaguar rips the dudes face off. I did think some of the sound effects were alittle over the top. As for the movie, I thought it was pretty dang good. No where near as inspiring as Braveheart or Private Ryan but still a decent movie.

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    I REALLY want to see it!!!

    also I could care less about Mel's ravings, some of the greatest artists in the world who I admire for their ART, have said more disturbing things things...

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