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    IDW 0026: Rebel Suppression [VOTING]

    Topic: Rebel Suppression

    Background: 2280. The government is losing control over it's people. Rebel leaders are popping up everywhere and it's becoming increasingly difficult to deal with them. The goverment is looking for a technological solution that will suppress the uprising.


    1. Design a product or system that through force, coercion or some other means keeps the populace under control.

    2. The government needs to retain some of it's working force - a large scale slaughter or mutilation would create more problems.


    IDW 0026: Rebel Suppression [VOTING]
    RSB - Rebel Suppression Buoys
    The Pax Galactica has survived a century of famine, disease, and innumerable invasions. Our iron fist and uncompromising tactics have brought us nothing short of fruition... until now. Public support is wavering following months of rebel insurgency. Apparently, our aggressive tendencies, when enacted upon members of our public, are less than tolerated. As a result, the Imperial Applied Sciences division has developed a new instrument to aid in our controlling of the rebel forces. The USMC-RSB, called the "Rebel Suppression Buoy," utilizes state-of-the-art, less-than-lethal technology to immobilize our enemy without any threat of casualty. Deployable by both ground and air forces, the RSB is delivered as a compact cannister comprised of hyper-dense, depleted uranium alloy. When remotely activated, the cap extends upward, exposing it's resonating core. The core emits continual low frequency waves that, upon contacting an organic life form, instill extreme discomfort and illness, rendering the target neutralized. With an effective radius of one kilometer, several of these devices may be deployed throughout the capital to establish a rebel free safety grid. Full scale implementation is scheduled to take place by the end of first quarter 2281.


    IDW 0026: Rebel Suppression [VOTING]
    The hypontizing crowd control unit - this rail travelling GPS controlled machine is strategically placed and blocks down uprising crowds with its square shielded screen, it then send out alpha waves from the green transmitter making the people draw to its screen, on the screen it projects hypnotizing images while the controller speaks out directions and order via its big speakers placed on its shoulder.


    IDW 0026: Rebel Suppression [VOTING]
    This is the 8th design which finally went for production for riot control dept. It fires a membrane capsule from its container. This capsule is made of such material that it'll open up in 5 sec after it comes in contact with CO2 which is abundent in air. This concentrate when open reacts with oxygen an forms a thick foam that will cover anything it comes in contact with. One container can have three capsules at a time, with one capsule having enough concentrate to cover anything in a radius of 5 ft. The capsule has itself been designed this way that it will open from the front as its membrane is very thin from there. Since this gun needs to shoot at long distances in less time it needs power hence it will recoil. Thats why support has been put below whose height can be changed and it absorbs gun recoil with a hydraulic shock absorber right below the gun.


    Please, can you run your descriptions through a spellchecker first if your English isn't great. This isn't like writing in a chat room, put some effort into the descriptions - don't use short hand, capitalise at the beginning of sentences, good grammar, etc.
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    benkashmir, its a shame you couldn't revisit your entry. I still like the concept though. You got my vote.
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    Oh man, this round didn't have much participation. Sad stuff. We need funky fun topics for IDW to get a lot of people here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mackerman
    benkashmir, its a shame you couldn't revisit your entry. I still like the concept though. You got my vote.
    hey tks
    i did worked on it abit.. but then the deadline got over.

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