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    Icon Dracten Mod looking for members

    Hey, I'm Jay, PR over on the Dracten team.

    The Dracten Project is seeking a Team of Visual Artists and Designers.
    For 4 years now, we have been working on this project, and working on a new original Game Idea.

    This is a universe that you have never seen before, a planet filled with tensions amongst interstellar powers, bottled up by an Organisation for Interstellar Peace. Unfortunatly an old secret is kept hidden from the Alien Society and a new enemy will rise.

    This Project is to be released for the Unreal Tournament 2007 engine. (For the time being we are putting the HL 2 engine on hold)

    We are currently looking for dedicated People to join.

    (Non Payed Positions -This is a Project)
    3-D Modellers - knows Zbrush or Maya
    Texture Designers - Maya or 3dsmax
    Concept Designers - basic creature designs

    Want to Join Our Community?

    Send us some of your best works and we will try and find a slot for you. E-mail pictures to the following address: or

    This project is taking a new, ambitious approach to development in that we are writing a modification "by" the community "for" the community, the idea being that rather than having a tight nit team the project is open to anyone to help with in all areas.

    The Game

    We are going for an Action/Adventure Single Player & Online Co-op Type Game, which can be played in FPS or Third Person. The design team have put hours of hard graft into creating a unique, never before attempted fantasy sci-fi universe featuring:

    Anthro Dragons, strange anima creatures, Nograds, Aliens and Foxes.

    The Game will have weapons like Swords, Guns, Rocket Launchers, Explosives, Vehicles and Mechs.

    This project is centered around co-op multiplayer set in the unique futuristic "Dracten" universe. You will be able to choose from 5 different races to play, each with their own fighting style, and experience the atmospheric story of Dracten, fighting alongside your friends or NPCs. The team has quite a few original ideas for the mod that we will keep under wraps for the time being. The mod is currently well on its way to production. Anyone interested in joining, or just looking for more info on the mod can send an email over to or

    Models, concept art and the story can be veiwed at the site:


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    actually i think this would be more suited for the Non-Paying Jobs thread, but whatever.
    From the site i can see the project looks quite serious.I'll send ya an email

    (meanwhile sketchbook is in sign )


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    cool, waiting to hear from ya'

    oh, nd btw, im in with some of your work. Nice job!

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