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    Oil on paper (2006) for SQP Publising

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    Nice piece, who did you use for reference?

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    gotta be jenny mccarthy - JAG
    it's only after you've lost everything, that you're free to do anything..

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    Really am enjoying the composition, and the nice hues which you've used!

    A few crits if I may
    1) Her hair is a little weird - sometimes floaty and sometimes not. Assuming we all know what a mermaid is, we'd of course assume she's in the water (the fish help too XD), but the way you've painted the hair might tell us otherwise. In water, hair still follows currents and eddies, so it might look a little less "electrocuted" if all of her hair were to flow as a single mass rather than strands.
    2) The skin tone you've used for her face versus her body is a bit strange - it almost looks like someone else's face and shoulders merged into a different body. I think it'd help a lot of some of the orange/browns you've used for her torso were found in her face too. Her head also looks a tinsy bit small, but that might just be the angle and hair positioning .
    3) Purely a nitpick, but her lower-body (her big mer-tail) looks a tad too small for her upper body. She appears a little top heavy (lol excuse the pun!), which kind of ruins the ideal "hourglass" shape of women's figures.

    I do really love the sillhouette dealy you've got going though. It really communicates "ocean life" perfectly .

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    JenZee I think with that 3rd point what could help that is if the tail just started a bit further down so that the hips have room to curve a bit more, plus that would be more seductive, which seems to be the theme. I love her expression, looks like a "fish out of water"

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